Ekta Kapoor’s Biopic to be Made: Nivedita Says ‘Many Ready but with Ekta Have Rights’

Ekta Kapoor’s Journey

Today, Ekta Kapoor is counted among the successful female producers in the industry. There was a time when Ekta was also given the title of ‘TV Queen’. However, for this success, she had to face many struggles. If we consider the words of Ekta’s close friend and producer Nivedita Basu, then a film will definitely be made on Ekta’s life. However, currently, these rights are limited to herself.

Ekta Kapoor and Nivedita Basu’s Friendship

Currently, Divya Bhaskar has given an interview to Nivedita Basu. ‘It is certain that a biography of Ekta Kapoor will be made one day. At present, these rights are reserved for her. Ekta is a brand in itself. People have said that she is ready to make films on her stories. Now it is a big question who will give her this right. If I ever get a chance, I will ask her to make her biography.’

Nivedita Basu’s Career

Nivedita Basu worked as a creative director in Balaji Telefilms for 15 years. It was considered that after a quarrel with Ekta, both had become separated. Although, Nivedita had ignored this. Nivedita said, ‘I think of Ekta as my teacher. I have worked with her for 15 years and learned a lot from her during this period. People said that there was a fight between us. There is no truth in this.’

Ekta’s Show and Nivedita’s Role

At one time, Ekta was more focused on the ‘Saas-Bahu’ contestant. I gave her the guarantee that I would not make the contestant. I had been against my mother-in-law and wife for some time. On one side, Ekta’s show had been running for 8-10 years when I started working on the ‘Fainait’ series. Between us, there is a relationship of teacher-student. Even today, she has kept her doors open for me.

Ekta Kapoor’s Anger

There was a time when Ekta Kapoor’s anger always remained on her nose. It was a common thing for Ekta to clap artists on the set and get angry. Nivedita had said ahead of these days, ‘Look, only he was aggressive towards his work. His passion was not at all in his personal life. Ekta was never sitting on it. She used to get angry with him. However, his work was just limited.’

Nivedita’s Experience

It was very difficult for work. Every eight weeks when the TRP rating came, the whole world was excited. If the rating fell, we immediately changed the script. Modi started shooting with a new script at night and broadcasting the episode on the next day. It was a very stressful period. If we were happy because our show was successful, there was a disagreement between us, but later it was calm.

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