Prabhas’ ‘Salaar’ Release: Action-Packed Thrills Disappoint, Prashanth Neel Misses ‘KGF’ Magic with Weak Story

Prabhas’ highly anticipated film, “Salaar,” has been released today. The film, with a runtime of 2 hours and 52 minutes, has received a 3-star rating from Divya Bhaskar’s review.

What’s the Film’s Story?

Similar to KGF, the narrative of “Salaar” unfolds in a fictional world. The story begins with Adhya (Shruti Hassan), who returns from America and is injured. Adhya seeks refuge in the house of a woman, hiding her identity. The woman is Dev’s mother, and Dev (Prabhas) protects her from goons. Gradually, Adhya learns the truth about Dev and his family.

In the second half, the story transitions to the world of “Khansasar,” a place where people live in a separate world, not considering themselves part of any country. They have their army, and even the English bow down to them. After gaining independence, a battle for the throne ensues, and Rajamannar (Jagapathi Babu) becomes the deceitful king. Dev, Vardha, and Adhya, who have been friends since childhood, find themselves entangled in the struggle. Dev aspires to become the king, leading to conflicts with adversaries. Whether Dev’s throne is connected to the throne of Khansasar will be revealed when you watch the film.

How is the Star Cast’s Acting?

After “Baahubali,” Prabhas couldn’t deliver a 100% performance, but he has given a commendable performance in this film. One notable aspect is Prabhas’ knee injury affecting his agility, visible in his body movements. Despite this, he has put effort into making an impact in the action sequences. However, there are scenes where Prabhas appears less convincing. Shruti Hassan has limited screen time.

How is the Direction?

Director Prashanth Neel, known for KGF, was expected to create magic once again. Unfortunately, here he seems to have fallen short. He couldn’t bring out the best performances from any of the actors, including Prabhas. In the first half, the narrative is well-woven, but in the second half, attempts to bring intensity to the sequences fall flat. The director has made good use of VFX.

How is the Music?

The film’s background music is quite simple. In an era where background music plays a crucial role, “Salaar” seems to lack impactful background music. KGF’s background music is still being discussed today, but the same cannot be said for “Salaar.”

Final Verdict – To Watch or Not to Watch?

For Prabhas’ fans, the film is worth a one-time watch. However, viewers expecting new action sequences and thrills may be disappointed. They might end up feeling quite dissatisfied despite some efforts made in action scenes.

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