15 Crore Scam: Academy Fails to Pay Fees and Profits Despite Operating in Dhoni’s Name

M.S. Dhoni Accuses Former Business Partners of 15 Crore Fraud

Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has leveled allegations of a 15 crore rupee fraud against his two former business partners, Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Biswas, in the civil court of Ranchi.

Dhoni claims that the business agreement made in 2017 between him and the company, Arka Sports and Management Limited, has not been adhered to, resulting in a loss of 15 crores. The agreement involved the payment of franchise fees and profit sharing, which Dhoni alleges has not been fulfilled by the company.

The dispute primarily revolves around the non-payment of the franchise fee and the lack of profit sharing by the company despite the terms specified in the agreement. Dhoni had issued several notices to the company, but no resolution was reached. The business relationship between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Arka Sports and Management Limited came to an end on August 15, 2021, when the company and Dhoni mutually terminated their agreement.

In the Ranchi Civil Court, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has filed a case seeking compensation for losses incurred and a resolution to the financial discrepancies related to the Cricket Academy run by him.

The company, however, contends that they have not breached the agreement and have not incurred any financial obligation towards Dhoni. The legal proceedings are expected to shed light on the contractual disputes and financial matters between the cricket icon and his former business partners.

Cricket Coaching Centers Open Nationally and Internationally as Legal Dispute Persists for Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Amidst an ongoing legal dispute, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has attempted to initiate discussions and explore an amicable resolution with the company before filing any legal case. Following these attempts, Dhoni has sent a legal notice to the company, and the matter has now reached the court. The company, however, has not made any decisions so far.

The contract between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the company concluded in 2021. Prior to the legal filing, Dhoni made efforts to resolve the matter through dialogue, but when no decision was reached, he proceeded to send a legal notice.

It’s noteworthy that the company had established numerous cricket coaching academies domestically and internationally under Dhoni’s name, but operations were halted after the contract concluded in 2021. The legal dispute involves matters pertaining to the functioning of these academies and financial issues.

The legal proceedings will shed light on the intricacies of the contractual disagreements between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the company, impacting the future of the cricket coaching centers associated with his name.

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