Flood Warning in Florida Ahead of India-Canada Match: Fans Urge ICC to Shift June 15 Game

T20 World Cup 2024: India vs. Canada Match Faces Weather Concerns in Florida

Heavy Rain and Flood Warning in Florida

The T20 World Cup 2024 match between India and Canada is scheduled for June 15 at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Florida. However, the city has issued a heavy rain and flood warning for three days, leading fans to urge the ICC to shift the match.

Group A’s remaining three matches are set to be played in Florida. On June 12, heavy rain hit South Florida, causing widespread flooding. Videos of the inundated city have gone viral. Consequently, the local weather department has issued a flood alert for three days, prompting fans to call for the relocation of all three matches.

Importance of Matches for Qualification

The match between the USA and Ireland on June 14 at the same stadium is crucial. If the USA wins, they will secure a place in the top-8. The India vs. Canada match on June 15 is also significant, as is the Pakistan vs. Ireland match on June 16. If the USA fails to win their match, Pakistan will need to win to qualify.

Fans’ Concerns and ICC’s Response

Due to the weather conditions and the flood warning, fans are concerned about the feasibility of holding the matches in Florida. They are requesting the ICC to consider shifting the matches to ensure they are played without disruption. The ICC’s decision on this matter is awaited as the weather situation develops.

Rain Threatens T20 World Cup Matches in Florida: USA Could Qualify if Matches are Washed Out

Heavy Rain Forecast and Impact on Matches

According to the National Weather Service in Miami, located 30 kilometers from the Florida stadium, there has been significant rainfall in the last 24 hours. The forecast predicts a 60% chance of rain on June 14 for the USA vs. Ireland match, an 86% chance on June 15 for the India vs. Canada match, and an 80% chance on June 16 for the Pakistan vs. Ireland match. If rain affects all three matches, resulting in cancellations, each team will receive 1 point. This outcome would leave Pakistan with 3 points, while the USA would qualify with 5 points.

India’s Position in the Super-8

India has already secured a place in the Super-8 stage of the T20 World Cup, having won all three of their matches in the league stage. With 6 points, India is through to the next round. Alongside India, Australia from Group B, West Indies from Group C, and South Africa from Group D have also qualified for the Super-8.

Fans’ Concerns and Potential Match Relocations

Fans are concerned about the heavy rain forecast and are requesting the ICC to consider relocating the matches to ensure they are played without disruption. The ICC’s response to these concerns is awaited as they monitor the weather situation closely.

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