Heartwarming Family Moments After India’s T20 World Cup Victory: Kohli’s Emotional Video Call and Bumrah’s Surprise Hug in Interview

India triumphed over South Africa to win the T20 World Cup, securing the title in this format after 17 years, with the last victory in 2007. The final match in Barbados was filled with emotions, with players from both teams seen crying. For India, it was tears of joy, while South African players were visibly upset. 

Notably, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and others were unable to hold back their tears. Amidst the celebrations, several cute family moments were captured, adding to the joyous occasion.

Virat Kohli's Emotional Moments for His Son

Virat Kohli’s Emotional Moments for His Son

During India’s T20 World Cup celebrations, several touching and cute family moments were seen in the stadium. Before announcing his retirement from T20s and after winning the World Cup, Virat Kohli made a video call to his family. Just minutes after being awarded Player of the Match in the final, Kohli took the time to speak with his family, unable to hide his tears of joy.

At Kensington Oval, Kohli was spotted making the video call, talking to his wife Anushka Sharma and their children. This heartfelt moment quickly went viral on social media.

Virat Kohli’s Uncontrolled Emotions

Virat Kohli was seen making funny faces during a video call with his son Akay. Despite trying to maintain his composure, Kohli couldn’t hold back his emotions. Tears filled his eyes as he spoke with his family after the T20 World Cup victory.

Rohit Sharma's Emotional Reunion with Wife Ritika

Rohit Sharma’s Emotional Reunion with Wife Ritika

Captain Rohit Sharma became emotional on the field during the victory celebration. After lying on the ground, he got up and went to his wife Ritika. The couple embraced, both with tears in their eyes. 

Ritika had been cheering for the Indian team throughout the tournament, and their emotional moment was captured and quickly went viral on social media.

A brilliant catch by Suryakumar had the explosive batsman Miller out and he couldn't finish. His wife is seen taking care of him after the match. (Credit-HOTSTAR)

Joy and Sorrow

While Rohit Sharma and his wife Ritika shared tears of joy upon meeting, South African batter David Miller also had an emotional reunion with his wife, Camilla Harris. Both were seen with tears in their eyes as Camilla comforted Miller. This mix of happiness and sorrow highlighted the emotional intensity of the T20 World Cup final.

The family is getting a lot of love on social media. (Credit- Social Media)

Bumrah’s #CoupleGoals Moment Goes Viral

Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was named Player of the Tournament for his stellar performance in the T20 World Cup. After the victory, Bumrah celebrated with his wife, Sanjana, and son, Angad. 

During an on-field interview with Sanjana, Bumrah surprised her, creating a heartwarming moment that quickly went viral on social media with the hashtag #couplegoals.

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