How Did This Happen to Me? What Did Ishan Kishan Say About Being Dropped From the Team and Losing the BCCI Contract?

Indian cricketer Ishan Kishan has been excluded from the regular team for some time now. Recently, he faced a struggle due to the cancellation of his central contract by the BCCI. Consequently, his IPL season with Mumbai Indians also remained notably uneventful. Now, he has made a significant plea that has caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts.

Ishan Kishan’s Challenging Time During India’s South Africa Tour

During India’s tour of South Africa, Ishan Kishan was part of the team but spent most of the time on the bench throughout several tournaments. He did not secure a spot in the playing eleven despite Rohit Sharma and coach Dravid not emphasizing his importance at that time. 

Although they knew about his presence in the squad, Ishan Kishan was not given a place in India’s playing eleven. Consequently, due to mental stress, Kishan returned to India. However, BCCI sidelined him and Shreyas Iyer for disciplined reasons.

Ishan Kishan’s Recent Experience with India’s Junior Team Tour to Zimbabwe

Recently, India’s junior team traveled to Zimbabwe, but Ishan Kishan was not selected for this tour. In a recent interview, he expressed, “I am not seeking to be disappointed. I consistently strive to give my best.”

Cricketer Acknowledges Recent Disappointments

The cricketer acknowledged that recently he had been through a rough and disappointing period. He mentioned, “It was a disappointing time. Everything was just not right. But what happened then continues to haunt me, why did it happen, what happened to me, why did this happen to me? All this happened when I was putting on a good show.”

Reason Behind Taking a Break

When asked about the reason behind taking a break, he replied, “I was scoring runs but still found myself on the bench. Such things happen in team sports. But I needed a break. Mentally, I was struggling, feeling low, and not experiencing the joy. Eventually, I decided to take a break. But no one understood except my family and close friends.”

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