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The Bajaj Foundation, a renowned non-governmental organization committed to making a positive societal impact, is excited to announce its partnership with the highly anticipated Delhi Golf Club League 2023. The Bajaj Foundation is distinguished for its philanthropic initiatives that transcend conventional charity work. Notably, the foundations unique focus on promoting sports, with a particular emphasis on golf, stands out. This collaboration underscores the shared values of both organizations, including nurturing talent, promoting healthy lifestyles, and creating a positive influence on the community.

Golf Team 2023 Bajaj Foundation

22 teams, comprising of 21 players and with the total field totaling 462 players will be seen in action in the 3rd Edition of the LLOYD Delhi Golf Club League to be played here from 12th October to 4th November. The tournament will be played on a four-ball better ball Matchplay Format. The inaugural season in 2021 witnessed 18 teams compete while 20 teams competed in the 2022 edition of the League.

The 22 teams competing in the League are: The A-Team, Sterling Swingers, Baale Golf, Eagles & Birdies, Christie’s Golf, SwingKKings, Shiva, Bajaj Foundation, Tee Birds, The Pioneers, MMG Coca-Cola, 24 Secure Lions, TEEm EDC, Royal Ranthambore Athletic Drive, Deutsche Motoren, Birdie Machine, Ardee Masters, Bliss Golfers, B i Luxury, Bharat Strikers, Golf Code, and Dayal Opticals, with the last three names coming on this year.

The League will be played in two stages – a Round Robin stage followed by a Knock-out stage. During each playoff match between two teams, each team will field 7 pairs (14 players). One pair from each team will play against a pair from the other team in a four ball better ball Matchplay format with all the players playing off 75% of their original handicaps.

The teams will get points for their wins. The 22 teams have been divided into 4 groups. After the Round Robin stage, top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the Knock-out stage starting with the Quarter-finals. The Finals will be played on November 4, 2023.

Mr. Pankaj Bajaj, the visionary leader behind the Bajaj Foundation, has played a pivotal role in elevating the league to new heights. He expressed his enthusiasm for the DGC Lloyd League 2023, stating, “As we tee off at the Delhi Golf League, its not just about the competition for us. Its a unique opportunity to intertwine the passion of sport with a deeper purpose. Our participation is twofold: to immerse ourselves in the camaraderie and spirit of the game, and equally, to amplify awareness for the Bajaj Foundations mission. Each swing, each round, symbolizes our drive to champion our cause, reminding everyone that supporting change is a collective responsibility.”

The league has received generous sponsorship from various organizations, with Ashish expressing their endorsement, stating, “Its been a privilege to partner with Bajaj Foundation and help them in this journey. BellWether and Bajaj Foundation share a common thread in their vision towards prosperity, well-being & development. While at BellWether we focus on the internal aspect for an individual, the Bajaj Foundation compliments our vision with a focus on social elements. Together we collectively enable the holistic approach to unleash the human potential across different dimensions of life.”

Prominent golfer Navneet Singh, who has captained the Bajaj Foundation team for the past three years since the inception of the D.G.C League, expressed his delight, saying, “I am delighted to have Captained the Bajaj Foundation team for the last 3 years since inception of the D.G.C League. We are one of the few seeded teams this year which indicates the high calibre of our team of golfers. We are a group of like-minded individuals all driven by our love and passion for the game. We particularly like playing competitive golf together. The D.G.C League is a wonderful tournament and our thanks go especially to Bajaj Foundation who have provided us this opportunity. We are also very happy playing for a meaningful cause. Finally, we also thank our sponsors M/s BellWether Associates. I look forward to the 2023 League with anticipation and excitement. Let’s make this a tournament with lots of fun and camaraderie and one to remember for a long time.”

Gaurav Seth, another golfer said, “I have been playing for Team Bajaj Foundation since the start of the DGC League in 2021. We play hard and party hard – it’s a lot of fun! Look forward to the League this year too. Playing for a meaningful cause for Bajaj Foundation is the icing on the cake!”

We are a closely knit team with great camaraderie. This, coupled with the satisfaction of playing for a charitable foundation, makes playing for this team very enjoyable and fulfilling“, shared Arjun Singh the veteran golfer from the Bajaj Foundation team.

The Bajaj Foundation embodies the qualities essential for success in golf. Just as golf requires a tranquil mind, precision, and a deliberate approach, the Foundations holistic vision promotes these attributes in life. Their dedication to mental well-being encourages a composed disposition, echoing the serenity required on the golf course. Precision, a hallmark of golf, reflects the Foundations meticulous approach to driving societal change. Similar to the deliberate pace of a golf swing, their efforts progress steadily, ensuring a lasting impact.

In addition to their ongoing support for the Lloyd DGC League, the Bajaj Foundation will enhance the event by presenting an e-waste structure related to golf within the premises of the Delhi Golf Club. This initiative underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

About Bajaj Foundation:
Guided by the belief “Ek Sansaar Ek Parivaar“, the Bajaj Foundation is a Section-8 organisation which works to make the Earth a better living place through its humanitarian efforts. With a focus on the welfare of children, animals, and the environment, the foundation embodies the values of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings. The Bajaj Foundations current flagship campaign, “Beyond Tech“, embodies the 3 As policy – Awareness, Advocacy, and Action. Additionally, Bajaj Foundation also focuses on E-waste management, carbon neutrality, afforestation and the rejuvenation of ponds besides aiding emergency services & humanitarian causes.

For more information, please visit: thebajajfoundation.org.

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