Advantec Wheels Advances with its Innovative Marketing Initiatives: Floating Wheel Caps, Element Painting and Augmented Reality

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Addressing the Indian Aftermarket segment for Passenger Cars with high-quality and premium alloy wheels that are durable, reliable and safe has always been a huge challenge in India. Delhi-based Advantec Wheels Pvt. Ltd. has launched a slew of unique initiatives to offer customers innovative and futuristic range of premium flow-forged wheels. With the launch of their website, the company hopes to enable and ensure potential customers to buy a wide variety of wheels of their choice, along with a robust distributor/retail network PAN India. The range is both impressive and comprehensive wherein you can choose from 3 distinct design series available in 16, 17, 18, 20 and 22 inch wheel sizes respectively.

Kohinoor design showcased on BMW M8

Additionally, Advantec Wheels will be launching a series of educational videos – “High on Wheels” to engage and educate the aftermarket audience regarding complete guide to wheel sizes, and tyres to purchase etc. according to their respective vehicles. Moreover, the company will be launching “Floating Wheel Caps”, a unique first-ever innovation in the Indian Automobile Industry. The idea is unlike standard wheel caps, floating wheel caps stay upright while the vehicle and the wheel are in motion!

Speaking on their companys marketing and sales strategies, Mr Jasneet Singh (Co-founder) Advantec Wheels Pvt. Ltd. remarked, “We are aware of the fact that over 50% of the market demand is catered by imported wheels leaving customers solely dependent with no choice or alternative! With this whopping import, we are poised to play the role of offering the customers a range of premium flow-forged alloy wheels online through our website besides our conventional B2B distribution network. To this end, we have developed an app and have employed Augmented Reality to provide customers with an engaging experience, allowing them to visualize how the wheels will appear on their vehicles in the real world. Hence, customers can place the camera alongside their respective vehicles to explore the wide range of wheel designs and finishes offered by the brand.”

Mr. Jasneet Singh (Co-founder & Director) showcasing launch design

Detailing the wide product-mix, Mr Singh remarked, “Our state-of-the-art plant at Jammu will be fully operational by Q1 in CY2024. The alloy wheels are fully engineered, perfected and validated in-house using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, quality and performance matching international suppliers. We have value-added further to our products in a big way with the high-quality Flow-Forged manufacturing technology allowing us to create lighter yet stronger alloy-wheels as compared to the standard casted wheels, lending higher mileage and safety to the cars performance. We are equipped with automotive wheel manufacturing domain knowledge of more than 50 years and hence will have an edge over our competitors. Aiming to create unique, aggressive and iconic wheel designs using our distinct Design Philosophy. Moreover, introducing another key innovation of ours for the first time in the Indian Aftermarket Wheel Industry, Element Painting, allowing customers to customize their set of AW wheels with upto 25 unique paint finishes per design according to their stylish desires!”

Co-founders and Directors of Advantec Wheels L-R Ravinder Arora, Sukhbir Singh and Jasneet Singh

Adding more on the forthcoming marketing plans of the company, Mr Singh added, “We will enjoy a unique niche as we will be catering to customers both online and through conventional B2B distribution networks. We shall be adhering to a well-thought-out pricing strategy which will bring premium, luxury performance wheels of international technology and standards at affordable prices. We propose to target the niche premium segment of the young automotive enthusiasts in India who are desiring value-added products. Our Social Media campaign is in place which has evoked a lot of response and enthusiasm. To further make our products more visible, we will be showcasing our range at Mall Exhibits across all major cities PAN India to create awareness and curiosity for our products. Moreover, we have plans to participate in Automechanika 2024 where we hope to generate a lot of trade enquiries and consumer footfall, as well as invite all the automotive enthusiasts to come witness the revolution of alloy wheels like never before!.”

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