Ahmedabad’s Electric Future: 12 New Vehicle Charging Stations to Launch Next Month, Unveiling the City’s Drive Towards Sustainable Mobility

The central and state governments are working on a new EV (Electric Vehicle) policy to encourage electric vehicles, witnessing a steady increase in their adoption. As part of this initiative, 12 charging stations are being set up across the city by the Municipal Corporation, with 9 already completed and the remaining 3 expected to be operational in the coming days. The Municipal Corporation’s infrastructure system is ensuring the swift establishment of these charging stations, and the inauguration of all these charging stations is scheduled for the upcoming month.

Boosting Electric Vehicle Adoption: New Charging Stations in the Pipeline

In a bid to promote the usage of electric vehicles (EVs) and tackle air pollution in the city, the Municipal Corporation announced plans to establish charging stations across various locations. This initiative aligns with the central government’s guidelines to encourage the use of EVs and increase public readiness for adopting electric vehicles.

As part of the budget for the current fiscal year, the Municipal Corporation has been actively working on creating extensive infrastructure for EV charging stations. The announcement detailed the development of 12 charging stations at different points in the city, with 9 stations already completed and the remaining 3 expected to be operational shortly.

The Municipal Corporation is leveraging a robust infrastructure system to ensure swift deployment of these charging stations. The inauguration of all 12 charging stations is scheduled to take place in the coming month. The focus on EV infrastructure is not only designed to make EVs more accessible but also to incentivize citizens to opt for electric vehicles by creating a more EV-friendly environment.

The charging rates and further details about the upcoming stations will be officially disclosed in the next few days. This initiative aims to simplify the purchase process for potential EV owners and strengthen the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Locations of the Upcoming Charging Stations

  1. Multi-level parking on Sindhubhavan Road
  2. Multi-level parking near Prahladnagar Garden
  3. Income Tax Flyover near Gujarat Vidyapith
  4. New CG Road in Chandkheda
  5. Haridarshan Cross Road in Motera
  6. Multi-level parking in Kankaria
  7. Koteshwar Road in Motera
  8. Under the Bapunagar Flyover Bridge
  9. Near Nikol-Naroda Road, Roj Veli Sky Pass
  10. Under the Narol Flyover Bridge
  11. Under the CTM Flyover Bridge
  12. Isanpur Govindwadi Circle

In Ahmedabad, there are currently more than 1,500 four-wheelers, over 5,000 three-wheelers, and over 12,000 e-two-wheelers registered on the vehicle dashboard. Presently, in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad leads in the usage of EVs, followed by Surat. It is estimated that by the end of 2024, there will be a significant increase in the adoption of electric vehicles, with the availability of three to four times more options for consumers in the market.

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