Bluwheelz Accelerates Nationwide Expansion with Innovative Franchisee Model

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Bluwheelz, through their innovative franchise model, is looking forward to set a remarkable milestone by making their presence in over 40 cities in India with a fleet of around 10,000 vehicles in 1 year. The company has introduced a ground-breaking franchise model designed to accelerate growth into new markets while setting new standards for the sector.

Bluwheelz is ushering in a new era of e-mobility

Bluwheelz has introduced an innovative franchisee model designed to facilitate a swift, seamless, and cost-effective expansion into new territories, setting new industry standards. The companys dedication to pioneering the EV landscape has led to the inception of this unique approach.

The company has embarked on this journey by launching its first franchise in the historic city of Agra, known for its rich heritage and as a major logistics hub in India. Mr. Narender Singh, the first franchisee in Agra, expressed his enthusiasm for the EV industry and Bluwheelzs franchise model, stating, “I got very excited by the massive potential in the commercial EV industry and the franchisee commercial model of Bluwheelz. The strong support of the Bluwheelz team further solidified my decision.”

The expansion continued with the launch of the second franchise in Noida, a thriving commercial hub. Mr. Prateek, the Noida franchisee, emphasized the bright prospects of the EV sector, saying, “EV is a sunrise sector, and I spent 3-4 months studying this model. I chose Bluwheelz due to the immense opportunity in this sector. With the backing of Bluwheelz, I look forward to significant business growth in Noida and across Uttar Pradesh.”

CP Sethi, CEO of Bluwheelz, highlighted the companys unique approach to the logistics industry within the burgeoning EV sector. “With our unique logistics perspective and the surging EV industry, we find ourselves at a pivotal inflection point in the commercial logistics sector,” he stated. “At Bluwheelz, we view ourselves as the catalyst for change, utilizing our franchisees as force multipliers to establish a sustainable and cost-efficient EV-driven logistics ecosystem that caters to our vast customer base.”

Bluwheelzs commitment to creating a more sustainable and efficient EV logistics network is evident through its pioneering franchisee model and strategic expansion into Agra and Noida and with multiple cities in the pipeline. The company is poised to play a pivotal role in transforming the future of commercial logistics in India.

About Bluwheelz

Bluwheelz is a leading Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet-as-a-Service company with a strong presence in the First Mile, Mid Mile, and Last Mile delivery segments in Delhi/NCR. The company is dedicated to driving innovation in the EV sector and expanding its reach through a groundbreaking franchisee model.

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