Surat Diamond Bourse Launches 250 Offices: MP Govind Dholakia Decries Injustice, Just 30 Flights Instead of 300

Surat, known for its ambitious projects, is set to inaugurate another significant milestone today on the second day of Ashadhi. The city is launching 250 new offices, marking a pivotal day for the diamond industry. Despite challenges in swiftly establishing the Surat Diamond Bourse, the committee overseeing its development remains dedicated. 

Their relentless efforts aim to enhance facilities and accelerate office openings within the bourse, underscoring the importance of this venture for the diamond sector.

Surat’s Major Injustice: Govind Dholakia Breaks Silence

Recently, Govind Dholakia, Chairman of the Surat Diamond Bourse Committee and BJP Rajya Sabha MP, broke his silence on a sensitive issue. He expressed concern over the lack of adequate air connectivity affecting diamond industry leaders’ ability to communicate effectively. 

Dholakia highlighted the injustice faced by Surat due to insufficient air connectivity, speaking clearly and decisively on the matter today.

Injustice towards Surat: Only 30 Flights Instead of 300

Govind Dholakia, Chairman of the Surat Diamond Bourse Committee, recently highlighted a significant injustice regarding air connectivity to Surat city. Based on his experience, he pointed out a stark contrast: while Brussels, with a population of just 2 million, enjoys 300 daily flights, Surat, with a population of 40 lakh, has only one flight. 

Despite Surat’s growing population and economic importance, various airlines have not prioritized increasing flights to the city. Even Indore, with a population of 32 lakh, receives 100 daily flights. In comparison, Surat, with a population of 82 lakh, only gets 30 flights per day. 

Dholakia emphasized that for Surat’s rapid development, it is crucial to increase daily flights to 300. He highlighted the long-standing injustice faced by Surat over the past 30 to 40 years and urged all airlines to focus their attention towards enhancing flight connectivity to Surat.

Surat Diamond Bourse Committee member Lalji Patel

Provision of 50-foot Cabins and Tables for Small Traders

Lalji Patel, a member of the Surat Diamond Bourse Committee, disclosed that while smaller offices of 300 square feet were initially arranged within the Diamond Bourse, a significant decision has been made to cater specifically to small traders. Small traders will now be provided cabins up to 50 feet, allowing them to conduct their business effectively. 

Moreover, arrangements are being made to provide tables for those who may not be able to afford even the 50-foot cabin. This step aims to facilitate artisans, brokers, and traders from the diamond market. Looking ahead, more facilities are planned to be introduced in the coming days, aiming to make the Surat Diamond Bourse vibrant until Diwali. According to our estimates, before Diwali, we are planning to start 1,000 jet offices.

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