Yet Another Recognition for AcadAlly; Founder & Director, Yash Prakash, Features in “BW Disrupt List of Young Achievers 30 under 30”

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Yash Prakash, the visionary Founder & Director of AcadAlly, has achieved a significant milestone by being featured in the prestigious “BW BusinessWorld Disrupt List of Young Achievers 30 under 30” for 2023. Recognized as one of the top 30 Young Turks of the Indian Start-up Sector, this accomplishment is a testament to AcadAllys relentless dedication to transforming education through technology and data-driven insights.

Yash Prakash, Founder & Director, AcadAlly, Features in BW Disrupt List of Young Achievers 30 under 30

The inclusion of Yash Prakash in the “BW 30 Under 30” list is not only a personal triumph but also a resounding victory for the entire AcadAlly team, whose unwavering efforts have played a pivotal role in achieving this recognition. AcadAllys seamless integration with AI technology positions the organization at the forefront of innovation.

“This is a big win for team AcadAlly. I want to give a special shout-out to the team AcadAlly. Despite significant challenges, such as convincing investors of the market viability of our AI technology and product development, I have remained committed to transforming education through technology and data-driven insights,” Yash Prakash, Founder & Director, AcadAlly.

“This acknowledgement fuels our passion for driving innovation in the digital learning ecosystem. It will propel AcadAlly towards achieving its five-year vision, focusing on growth and harnessing tech-based education as a harbinger of change,” says Ridhi Agarwal, Founder of AcadAlly.

About AcadAlly

AcadAlly is a forward-thinking, deep-tech start-up in the education and healthcare sectors. The company is dedicated to transforming the education landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven analytics to empower students and educators. With its innovative AI engine, LEAP, AcadAlly is committed to delivering personalized and effective learning solutions that align with the National Education Policy (NEP) and transcend geographical and board-related boundaries.

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