12-Year-Old Girl Eaten by Crocodile in Australia: Remains Found Near Swimming Pool

A 12-year-old girl was eaten by a crocodile in Australia. According to Australian media ABC, this incident took place in the Palumpa area. The girl went swimming on Tuesday afternoon. When there was no trace of the girl until late at night, her family reported her missing to the police.

The police sought help from the locals to search for the girl. For this, the police formed a special team with the park operator and the forest department. On Wednesday evening, the police found the girl’s blood-soaked clothes near the swimming pool.

After this, an atmosphere of fear spread throughout the area. The police intensified the search operation on Thursday morning. Subsequently, the girl’s remains were found a short distance away.

Came to Palumpa for Vacation

Police officials stated that they spotted a crocodile in the area on Thursday morning. Later, the forest department team found signs of a crocodile’s presence near the swimming pool, confirming that the girl was eaten by the crocodile.

According to the girl’s family, they had come to Palumpa for vacation. During this time, they had arranged swimming classes for the girl. Palumpa’s Chief Minister Eva Lawler expressed sorrow over the incident and said that it is heartbreaking. She mentioned that more steps need to be taken to protect people from crocodiles.

Lawler said they are spending 4 crore rupees for this purpose. She stated that the crocodile population in the northern area is increasing. We cannot allow this to continue. We need to stop this.

30-Foot Python Swallows Woman in Indonesia

A day earlier, a 30-foot-long python swallowed a woman in Indonesia. According to the news agency AFP, this incident took place in the village of Siteba in the Sulawesi province. The woman’s name was Siriyati, who went to get medicine for her sick child on Tuesday morning, but she did not return home.

When Siriyati did not return after many hours, her husband Adiasa started searching for her. Adiasa found her sandals and pieces of clothing 500 meters away from their home. After this, he reported her missing to the police.

The police started searching for Siriyati with the help of locals. During this time, they saw a long python 10 meters away from the house. The python’s belly looked very thick. The locals then cut open the python’s stomach and retrieved the woman’s body.

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