Accused in ACB Probe Dies of Heart Attack During Search at Retired Employee’s Home in Financial Case

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) team from Valsad, investigating allegations against an accused, reached the residence of the accused in Vegalpur, Panchmahal district. During the police interrogation, the accused, Yusufbhai Bhikha, experienced a heart attack and was immediately taken to Godhra Civil Hospital in an ambulance. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the heart attack at the hospital. The incident took place while PSI Raja, the in-charge of Vegalpur Police Station, and PSI KaloL, in-charge of Godhra, were present at the scene.

ACB Team Conducts Search at Former Employee’s Residence in Valsad District

Between 2017 and 2019, the ACB team from Valsad conducted an investigation into the financial irregularities related to the work of canal maintenance in Valsad district. In connection with this investigation, the ACB team visited the residence of Yusufbhai Bhikha, a retired employee who had worked in Dharampur in the Valsad district. During the search at his residence, documents such as bank records, land deeds, and government property documents were seized. Yusufbhai was taken to Vegalpur Police Station by the Valsad ACB team for further investigation.

Yusufbhai, Former Employee, Suffers Heart Attack During ACB Interrogation

During the interrogation with the ACB team at Vegalpur Police Station, Yusufbhai Bhikha, who had worked in Dharampur, suffered a heart attack. The police immediately arranged for an ambulance, and Yusufbhai was taken to Godhra Civil Hospital in critical condition, where he later passed away. The incident was reported to PSI Raja of Vegalpur Police Station, and PSI KaloL, in-charge of Godhra, also reached the hospital along with the ACB team.

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