Drunken Youth Injures 17-Year-Old Sister in Ahmedabad Activa Accident

In the Naroda Galaxy area of Ahmedabad, a disturbing incident has unfolded where two sisters riding an Activa were struck by a intoxicated young man. In this incident, a 17-year-old minor has suffered serious injuries and has been rushed to the hospital for urgent medical care. The incident involved the Activa being hit, causing both sisters to fall, and then the young man ran over them. Details emerge of a young woman being repeatedly assaulted. This incident, located in the Sardarnagar vicinity, has sent shockwaves through the community. The police have apprehended the accused and are proceeding with legal action.

A 28-year-old woman, identified as Rajal (name changed), residing in a society near Naroda Galaxy, is reported to have approached the Sardarnagar Police Station with allegations of harassment and physical assault against Hitesh Raval. According to available information, Rajal, who was previously employed, had returned home on her Activa when the incident occurred. During the incident, her 17-year-old younger sister was also allegedly assaulted while riding on the Activa.

Afterwards, near the society, both sisters had reached on their Activa, where a young man was walking in the middle of the road. The complainant honked at this young man who was walking in the middle of the road, which led to the young man shouting back at them and throwing a bottle at their Activa. The young man then allegedly followed them, overtook their Activa, and assaulted the younger sister who was seated behind by pushing her off the vehicle. Subsequently, the accused continued to chase them and reportedly ran over both sisters who had fallen on the road.

Amid the explosive situation with people gathering around, both young women managed to seek refuge as the crowd grew. They were able to protect themselves from further harm when they noticed that the situation was escalating with people setting off fireworks. The younger sister, who suffered severe injuries after being struck by a bottle, was rushed to the hospital. Currently, she is receiving medical attention in the ICU. The entire incident has been reported to the Sardarnagar Police Station, where Rajal, the elder sister, has filed a serious complaint regarding the assault and violence.

The intoxicated young man, who is alleged to have committed the assault, is currently reported to be in a precarious condition. It’s worth noting that the accused, Hitesh Raval, resides in a society near the complainant and is said to have approached the scene in an intoxicated state.

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