Ahmedabad Morning Blaze: Massive Fire Erupts as Gas Heating Ignites, Apartment Fourth Floor Engulfed, One Injured

In the sprawling area of Khokhara in Ahmedabad, a fire broke out in an apartment this morning due to a gas leak. Upon receiving information about the incident, the Fire Brigade team reached the scene. The team promptly controlled the fire by directing water to the affected area. The immediate action by the Fire Brigade prevented any casualties. The team is now working with the police and FSL to investigate the incident.

Sudden Fire Breaks Out While Starting Gas – Khokhara, Ahmedabad

According to available information, a fire broke out in an apartment in the Vishwanath Mahadev area of Khokhara in the early morning while residents were starting the gas to heat water. Due to a gas leak, a sudden fire erupted. The residents, alarmed by the situation, quickly evacuated the premises. The Fire Brigade team, informed about the incident, reached the scene promptly with three jetting machines for immediate action.

Fire Brigade Rushes to the Scene to Investigate

The Fire Brigade team initiated the water flow to control the fire and took charge of the situation. The fire, which caused some damage to the house, did not result in any casualties. The team is coordinating with the police and FSL to determine how the fire started and the extent of the damage.

All Residents Safely Evacuated: Ajay Pole

Ajay Pole, a resident of the house, revealed that they had started the gas this morning to heat water. However, due to a gas leak, a fire broke out. Even though they managed to stop the gas and evacuate the house, the fire did not extinguish, causing them and two other family members to run outside. The fire caused minimal damage and slight burns on Ajay’s hands. All residents are reported to have safely evacuated the premises.


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