Shocking Incident Emerges as Complainant Alleges Assault by Constable and Senior Officer in 10 Lakh Bribe Case in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, the Local Crime Branch (LCB) personnel allegedly demanded a bribe of 10 lakh rupees regarding a cybercrime case. The complainant had already paid seven lakh rupees in installments. When the remaining three lakh rupees were requested, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) intervened and apprehended police officer Hardeepsinh Parmar. However, the complainant had reached a breaking point and had made a video where he mentioned:

“I am Rakesh Trivedi. The police and various other authorities are astonishingly demanding money from me. Due to my mistake, I have been deeply troubled. I have paid six lakh rupees in installments so far, and they are still threatening me to pay more money, warning me to register a case against me. I have no more resources; there is no other way out. I am ending my life. Hardeepsinh and Officer Jaddja will be responsible for my release.”

Complainant Faces Mental Distress Over Money Demands

Police officers and their superior, Jaddja, had bewildered the complainant by demanding money from him. In response, the complainant had reached the Sabarmati Riverfront, made a video, and mentioned that he had been harassed by Hardipsinh and Officer Jaddja, who demanded a 10 lakh rupees bribe from him. After paying seven lakh rupees in installments, he was still being threatened to pay more for the case. He felt trapped, having no way out. He hoped for release from all of this.

Demand for 10 Lakh Rupees in Ahmedabad Cybercrime Case

An application was filed in Ahmedabad, where cybercrime personnel had frozen an individual’s account. In this application, no complaint was made, but Constable Hardeepsinh Parmar from the cybercrime branch had demanded a bribe of 10 lakh rupees, taking seven lakh rupees in installments while rushing the remaining three lakh rupees under the ACB’s surveillance.

Complainant Contacts ACB After Collecting 7 Lakh Rupees

After collecting seven lakh rupees, the complainant contacted the ACB to report the remaining three lakh rupees demanded by Constable Hardeepsinh Parmar. ACB set a trap. Hardeepsinh received the bribe from near the Hanuman Telephone Exchange. This matter has been registered with the ACB, and other officials are being examined to determine their involvement.

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