Ahmedabad Accident: SP Swami Crashes Car Into Traffic Booth, Arrested After Case Registration

Increase in Hit-and-Run Incidents on Ahmedabad Highways

There has been a rise in hit-and-run incidents on the SG Highway in Ahmedabad, with the latest being the most severe. An unfortunate accident occurred on the SG Highway, involving an Innovva Forvhill car driven by SP Swami, the police officer in charge of the Gandhinagar Swaminarayan Temple.

The incident took place near Hebatpur Char Rasta on the SG Highway, where SP Swami lost control of the steering and veered off the road, colliding with a divider. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported in this incident, but the car suffered significant damage.

The accident caused traffic congestion in the area. The traffic booth near Hebatpur Char Rasta was damaged, affecting the flow of vehicles. Additionally, a long queue of vehicles formed as the traffic booth had to be repaired.

Fortunate Escape in Accident on SG Highway

In a recent unexpected incident, a car sustained damage to its front bonnet and bumper on the SG Highway. Thankfully, there were no casualties reported, and SP Swami, who was driving the vehicle, escaped unharmed. The accident occurred near the Thaltej Chowki traffic booth on SG Highway.

The impact of the collision resulted in significant damage to the car’s front portion, causing a commotion in the traffic booth area. SP Swami, responsible for the accident, damaged the government property and broke the barrier at the Thaltej Chowki traffic booth. He is now under investigation for violating various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including IPC 279 (rash driving), 427 (mischief causing damage), and Motor Vehicles Act sections 177, 184, as well as Public Property Damage Act sections 3 and 7.

This incident caused a disruption in traffic flow on the SG Highway, specifically near the Thaltej underpass, resulting in a traffic jam that extended for about a kilometer. Commuters experienced delays of up to 20 minutes during peak hours due to the incident. Traffic police arrived at the scene promptly to manage the situation and restore traffic normalcy on the SG Highway underpass.

Traffic Disruption as Truck Gets Stuck Under Overpass

This morning, around 9:45 AM, a truck got stuck under the underpass near SG Highway, causing a significant traffic disruption. The truck’s trailer got wedged under the bridge, blocking the passage of vehicles. The incident occurred at the underpass near SG Highway, creating a long queue of vehicles.

As a result, traffic congestion started building up, extending from the underpass to the adjacent Zydus Bridge. The incident led to a temporary halt in the flow of vehicles, causing inconvenience to commuters. Traffic police were promptly informed and dispatched to the location to manage the situation.

The stuck truck created a bottleneck, and the traffic police worked to divert vehicles to alternative routes, ensuring a smoother flow of traffic. The incident highlighted the need for careful navigation of tall vehicles under low overpasses and the importance of timely interventions by traffic authorities to minimize disruptions.

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