Duplicate ticket sale caught: 4 India-Pak parties to have fun in Ahmedabad Match tickets made, 40 sold, 108 confiscated, 2000 to 20 thousand sold

In an intriguing incident, four young individuals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, have been apprehended by the local Crime Branch for allegedly counterfeiting and selling tickets for the India-Pakistan match. The four youths attempted ticket forgery using color printers, but their largest stash of tickets has now been confiscated by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch. On the other hand, the entire racket involved in the sale of these tickets in the market is also under investigation. The accused individuals are young, aged 18 to 19. This entire case has left authorities curious, as they are trying to unravel how these youths managed to execute the entire plan.

These four young men were apprehended:

  1. Kush Khemarajbhai Meena (Age: 21, Residence: EWS Complex, Opposite Ploting, In front of Human Temple, Memnagar, Ahmedabad)
  2. Rajveer Pradhanji Thakor (Age: 18, Residence: M.N. A/902, Sagun-108, S.P. Ring Road, Jhundal, Gandhinagar)
  3. Dhruvil Amitbhai Thakor (Age: 18, Residence: Dabhodiya Vas, Ghatalodiya Gam, Ahmedabad, Original Village Dabhoda, Taluka Gandhinagar)
  4. Jaimin, also known as Jayu Prakashbhai Prajapati (Age: 18, Residence: M.A No. 68, Prajapati Vas, Laxminagar, In front of Motera Stadium, Behind Parimal Hospital, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad)

All four accused have been charged in the case. They were apprehended in the Madhur Milk Palace complex on Judges Bungalow Road, opposite Nidhi Complex, Bodakdev. The accused conducted a swift raid on Krishna Xerox shop, and from the accused, they confiscated a total of 108 duplicate tickets for the India-Pakistan cricket match. Also, 25 printed pages, 4 damaged print pages, 4 iPhones (valued at INR 1,70,000), a computer monitor (valued at INR 3,000), a CPU (valued at INR 5,000), a pen drive (valued at INR 300), a color printer (valued at INR 20,000), and a paper cutter (valued at INR 500) were seized, resulting in a total case value of INR 1,98,800.

A resident of Mahesana managed to obtain genuine tickets. The accused have been charged with offenses under sections 120(B), 406, 420, 465, 467, and 471 of the IPC. During the investigation of these offenses, more than 10 additional tickets sold by the accused have been confiscated. The apprehended accused have been identified as Kush Meena, who operates Krishna Xerox shop. Accused Jaimin Prajapati and Rajveer Thakor from Mahesana obtained genuine tickets from an individual and subsequently engaged in the production and sale of counterfeit tickets using a color printer and Photoshop software on a computer.

With increasing demand, more duplicate tickets were produced. Dhruvil Thakor, Jaimin Prajapati, and Rajveer Thakor joined forces and managed to sell 40 extra tickets to their friends, which led to an escalating demand for tickets. In order to fulfill their demand and make quick money, the accused resorted to creating counterfeit tickets separately, selling them at prices ranging from INR 2,000 to over INR 20,000 per ticket. The arrested accused have engaged in selling an increasing number of tickets and have the potential to cater to buyers involved in anti-social elements or the black market, necessitating a more thorough investigation.

Niyati Rao

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