Ahmedabad’s Cemetery Turns Haven for Public Weed Consumption, Corporate Leader Alleges Drug Dealing

The Chharatoda Kabrastan in the eastern expansion of Ahmedabad is the largest graveyard in South Gujarat and has become a focal point for various antisocial activities over time. For the marginalized community, Chharatoda Kabrastan is the largest burial ground in the eastern expansion, where their deceased relatives are buried. However, it has also become a site for the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and other antisocial activities. Local corporators and citizens have initiated efforts to clean and improve Chharatoda Kabrastan, aiming to make it a better place.

Social Elements and Naxals Found in Kabrastan: Videos Go Viral

Reports suggest that social elements and Naxals have gathered in the Kabrastan, and videos depicting such activities have gone viral on social media. Local corporators have indicated that drugs are being sold in the Kabrastan, and young people are involved in the consumption of drugs, charas, and other illicit activities, leading to some disturbances. Open drug use and sales have raised numerous questions from local police and residents.

Concerns among Residents: Gomatipur’s Chharatoda Kabrastan Under Scrutiny

Residents of the Gomatipur ward have expressed concerns about the activities taking place in Chharatoda Kabrastan. Several videos have circulated on social media, showing people indulging in drug use in the Kabrastan. The local residents, along with Congress corporator Ikbal Shaikh and Zulfikhan Pathan, have become aware of the situation.

Various Anomalies Detected in Kabrastan

According to the Congress corporator Ikbal Shaikh, the Chharatoda Kabrastan is the largest graveyard in the eastern expansion, including areas like Rakiyal, Bapunagar, and Gomatipur. The graveyard sees the burial of deceased individuals from these areas. However, it faces issues such as lack of cleanliness, deteriorating conditions, and no proper lighting. Drug dealing and consumption of substances like charas and ganja are also reported in the Kabrastan. Recently, a campaign to clean Chharatoda Kabrastan has been initiated, with over 100 people participating in the cleaning efforts every Sunday.

Police Action: Creating Videos to Catch Drug Offenders

In the past eight months, over 600 tons of garbage has been removed from Kabrastan as part of a waste removal campaign. Local corporators have utilized their budgets to provide all facilities, including roads, lights, and other amenities, to the Kabrastan. However, instances of drug dealing and substance abuse continue to persist. Some locals have taken it upon themselves to capture videos of these activities and bring them to the attention of the police, urging them to take appropriate action.

Public Outrage Amid Police Inaction

The Gomatipur police have been unable to address the ongoing antisocial activities in Chharatoda Kabrastan. The police’s lack of effective intervention has led to public outrage, with locals expressing frustration over the deteriorating situation. The police have not been actively addressing the issues, and this has further fueled anger among the residents. Despite being the largest graveyard, the Chharatoda Kabrastan is witnessing the rise of antisocial elements, creating an alarming situation.

DCP’s Continuous Monitoring Recommendations

DCP Safin Hasan has expressed surprise at the surprise combing operation, mentioning that nothing significant was found. However, he has recommended constant combing operations to be carried out by the D staff and PIA to keep the situation under control. This recommendation comes in the wake of the continuous surveillance and scrutiny of activities in and around the Kabrastan.


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