Major MD Drug Bust: 3 Arrested in Ahmedabad, Seizing Over 1 Crore Worth

In the city of Ahmedabad, the Crime Branch has cracked down on drug trafficking once again, this time from Narol and SG Highway. In just two days, they have seized more than 1.20 crore worth of MDMA drugs. Furthermore, in the past month, the Crime Branch has taken possession of over 2 crore worth of cases, investigating 9 NDPS-related cases. One drug peddler had been bringing in drugs from Rajasthan based on orders, while another had been transporting drugs in a rickshaw from Palanpur within three days.

In Narol, a peddler was apprehended with drugs at Shimla Hotel

As per the available information, the Ahmedabad Crime Branch intercepted Taufik, alias Tiger Ghanchi, at a Shimla Hotel located near Narol Bridge with a haul of 521.800 grams of drugs. Tiger had been operating from Udaipur for quite some time and was involved in supplying drugs to Ahmedabad, primarily at the behest of a person named Arif Pathan. Arif would source drugs from various drug dealers in Ahmedabad whenever he received an order and then would dispatch Tiger Asaraf Mansuri, a drug peddler, to transport the drugs to Ahmedabad.

Arif Detained in Hotel for Four to Five Days

Arif, upon arriving in Ahmedabad, stayed in a hotel for four to five days. During this time, he supplied various drugs to different drug dealers. He received payment for these drugs either online or through money transfers. Accused Taufik, Imrankhan Pathan, and Zahir Vora placed drug orders with Arif. Subsequently, Arif sent one kilogram of methadone drugs from Udaipur, Rajasthan, to Suhel Asaraf Mansuri after receiving the drug orders.

Seizure of Drugs Worth 52.18 Lakhs

Suhel Asaraf Mansuri, who arrived in Ahmedabad from Udaipur five days ago, was detained at the Shimla Hotel near Narol Bridge. During this period, he had received a kilogram of methadone drugs from Imrankhan Pathan, Zahir Vora, and Taufik, as per Arif’s information. Subsequently, Taufik was apprehended again while attempting to acquire drugs from Suhel Asaraf Mansuri. A total of 52.18 lakhs worth of drugs were seized from him. It’s worth noting that Taufik had previous involvement in criminal activities as well.

Peddler Caught with Drugs Near Chharodi Patiya

Furthermore, the Crime Branch apprehended Jaakirhusain Sheikh, who was caught with a stash of drugs valued at 59.48 lakhs, consisting of 594.800 grams. Jaakir, during questioning, disclosed that he and his brother, Anvarhusain, had been procuring drugs from a person named Manubhai in Kanodar, Palanpur, for the past six months. They then distributed these drugs to various peddlers in Ahmedabad as part of their illicit trade.

9 NDPS Cases in One Month

In a span of just one month, peddlers were acquiring drug shipments every three days from Palanpur in rickshaws. These drug consignments were being stored by the accused, Anvarhusain, at his residence and were discreetly sold in small quantities. Anvar’s brother, Anvarhusain, who was incarcerated in Rajasthan at the time, had arranged meetings with Manubhai, and both of them had decided to engage in the drug trade. The Ahmedabad Crime Branch has recently seized a total of over 2 crore worth of MD drugs, cocaine, cannabis, and other substances and has initiated legal proceedings against 9 separate cases.

The Crime Branch of Rajasthan, led by Superintendent of Police Niraj Badgurjar, has disclosed that yesterday and today, the Crime Branch team has seized 1116 grams of MD drugs in two cases. In both cases, 3 accused have been arrested, and they are alleged to be involved in supplying drugs. The accused in these cases have been declared as wanted. Furthermore, if we talk about the previous case, two accused, Taufik and Suhel Asgar, were apprehended yesterday on Narol Bridge Road, and in this case, property worth 52,18,000 INR has been confiscated. Along with the two accused, another suspect is also wanted in this case. Additionally, in the case that came up today, an accused named Jaakir Husain has been apprehended with a high quantity of SG. In this case, a total of six accused are wanted. Previously, there were cases where goods were being brought in from Udaipur, Rajasthan. These goods were being distributed locally. Today’s case also involves the accused bringing in goods from Rajasthan.

The accused have a criminal history and have been found guilty.

It has been revealed that the accused, Jakir Husain, who was apprehended today, was found in possession of a total of 594 grams and 800 milligrams of drugs valued at 59,48,000 INR. Jakir Husain is a peddler, and he will be remanded in custody. His entire network will be exposed. The accused will provide details of the drug stash to Anwar Husain and Manu, who had previously escaped from Rajasthan’s jail and had supplied different quantities of drugs. The accused have a criminal history, and further investigations will be carried out during remand.

The accused have a prior history of drug trafficking as well.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the accused have previously been involved in drug-related activities, but the Crime Branch teams have recently taken immediate action to file cases against them. Many cases have been registered by the police in Ahmedabad. The ongoing drug trafficking activities are being closely monitored, and efforts are being made to control them. We also have information that the main manufacturers and suppliers are being publicly identified to apprehend them. In a short span, the police team will also arrest them.

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