Social Confrontation: PG Girls Shivanjani Society in Satellite Ahmedabad and Locals Clash Over Dress Codes

In Ahmedabad, Confrontation Arises Between PG Young Women and Local Women Over Short Dresses Issue

In Ahmedabad’s Shivanjani Society in Satellite, a dispute has arisen between local residents and young men and women residing in PG accommodations. The society has more than 400 young individuals staying in PGs, whose behavior and attire, as well as their impact on parking, have drawn complaints from local residents. Furthermore, there is also dissatisfaction with the fact that despite giving a notice to vacate the PGs 60 days ago, the PGs have not been emptied even after 60 days. Both sides have submitted grievances, leading to a standoff.

What are the Complaints of Young Men and Women Residing in PGs?

According to the young women living in the PGs, rules should be the same for everyone. In the society, they are not allowed entry after 11:30 at night. So, the young men and women staying in PGs also have grievances about not being allowed to let delivery boys enter.

What are the Locals’ Complaints?

In the Shivanjani Society in Ahmedabad’s Satellite area, there has been a dispute involving young men and women residing in PG accommodations. The local residents living in the society claim that there are approximately 400 or more young individuals staying in PGs. These individuals sometimes engage in inappropriate behavior, wear revealing clothing, and cause parking issues with their vehicles.

Provided a Period of 60 Days

The PG operators had given notice to the house owners multiple times and had previously provided a period of 60 days. However, they still haven’t emptied the PGs even after 60 days. In fact, today, the matter reached the police station where both sides have filed complaints. The young women residing in the PGs state that they are ready to follow whatever rules exist in the society. However, they believe that rules should be the same for everyone. In the society, entry for PG residents is restricted after 11:30 at night, which they find unreasonable. Furthermore, delivery boys are not allowed to enter the society even for their parcels.

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