Urgent Teacher Suspension: Student Molestation Case Sparks Action in Ahmedabad School

In a well-known school in Ahmedabad, a controversy involving molestation has come to light. A female student in the school was sexually harassed by her teacher. When the parents complained about this incident, the school took no action. It was only after the parents filed a complaint with the District Education Officer (DEO) that immediate orders were issued to suspend the teacher.

The teacher had engaged in inappropriate physical conduct with the student. Over the past year, there have been several complaints from parents regarding fees and other misconduct at the school. However, this complaint concerning the molestation of a student has now surfaced. The incident involved the same teacher who had engaged in physical misconduct with the student. When the student informed other female staff members at the school about the incident, they failed to report it.

The student also informed her parents, who lodged a complaint with the school, but the school did not respond. When the parents approached the DEO with their complaint, immediate action was taken to suspend the teacher. DEO Rohit Chaudhary stated that they have issued orders to immediately remove the teacher from their position whenever such complaints are received. The school has been directed to conduct an inquiry into the matter and submit a report to the DEO. In cases like this, students or parents can also file complaints through the helpline without revealing their names, and the authorities will take appropriate action.

Niyati Rao

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