Racing Horror: Mercedes-Audi Crash, CCTV Captures 500m Plunge After Losing Control

The Sindhubhavan Road in Ahmedabad has witnessed the creation of a racing track for racing enthusiasts. One night, a racing incident occurred involving two cars on Sindhubhavan Road. The incident was caused by the sudden emergence of an intoxicated driver. A Mercedes-Benz lost control and collided with another car, causing significant damage. The incident is now under investigation by the Traffic Police in the Ahmedabad N-Division.

Collision Resulting in Back-to-Back Accidents

After colliding with another car, the Mercedes-Benz turned into a wreck. The incident occurred on Sindhubhavan Road during Diwali night, where drivers of Mercedes and Audi cars engaged in a race. The collision resulted in a serious accident, with the Mercedes-Benz speeding to the extent that it turned into a wreck after hitting another car. The impact caused the wheel of the car to come off, and it skidded for 500 meters.

Car Owner Lodges Complaint

Bhavesh Choksi, residing in Bhopal, took his Hyundai car out on Sindhubhavan Road one night. Under the influence of alcohol, he recklessly drove his Mercedes car, arrogantly challenging Rishit Patel, whose car he later collided with. In this matter, Bhavesh Choksi has filed a complaint at the N-Division Traffic Police Station.

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