Ahmedabad Spa Manager’s Controversial Confrontation Caught on CCTV: Hair Pulling and Spanking

In Ahmedabad, spa manager’s assault on a woman caught on CCTV at the Galaxy Spa on Sindhubhavan Road. The spa manager physically attacked a woman.

Ahmedabad: Spa Manager’s Brutality Caught on CCTV

In the city of Ahmedabad, a shocking incident has come to light at the Galaxy Spa on Sindhubhavan Road, where a spa manager physically assaulted a woman. This disturbing incident was captured on CCTV. The spa manager was seen pulling and hitting the woman. This incident took place in the Banawadi Times Square building, where Galaxy Spa is located. The spa manager, identified as Mohsin, was caught on camera physically attacking the woman.

Regarding the Incident, a Woman was Physically Assaulted.

In a rather unsettling incident, a woman was subjected to physical assault at Galaxy Spa, located on Sindhubhavan Road. The spa manager was caught on CCTV brutally attacking the woman, repeatedly hitting her. This incident has brought to light a disturbing trend where women are subjected to physical violence, specifically in the context of head-shaving, which seems to have become somewhat commonplace.

The Incident Occurred at the Galaxy Spa Located within the Times Square Building.

In light of this incident, questions arise about whether such acts should be reported to the police. However, the issue here is that incidents of women being physically assaulted in this manner often go unreported. Spa managers seem to act without fear of legal consequences. The safety of women is a pressing concern, and such incidents raise serious questions about the need for greater vigilance and protection in such establishments.

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