Major Scam Uncovered: Fake Ghee Factory Busted in Amreli, 4 Arrested With 2100 kg Counterfeit Ghee Valued at 13 Lakhs

Illegal Ghee Manufacturing Unit Unearthed in Amreli District

An illicit factory producing counterfeit ghee has been exposed in the Amreli district. In a recent raid conducted near the bustling village of Lilian in Amreli, the police discovered a facility with a substantial quantity of spurious ghee stored in the vicinity of a water plant. The police promptly intervened, seizing a whopping 2100 kilograms of fake ghee from the premises. Subsequently, a formal complaint was lodged, leading to the identification of four suspects, of which the primary accused remains at large.

The operation was led by D.Y.S.P. Jagdish Singh Bhandari of the Amreli Division. The Food and Drugs Department team arrived late at night to collect samples of the ghee. However, the provisional answer key for the test held on December 17 has not been released even after three days, intensifying apprehensions among students. The delay in providing the answer key has strengthened the belief that there might be irregularities in the examination, and therefore, there are strong demands for the cancellation of the exam.

Illegal Ghee Manufacturing Unit Raided in Amreli District

The Superintendent of Police (SP) in Amreli, Himkar Singh, revealed the swift action taken against an illicit ghee manufacturing unit. A factory engaged in the production of counterfeit ghee was exposed through a rapid operation, resulting in the seizure of approximately 2100 kilograms of spurious ghee with an estimated value of 13.56 lakh rupees. The manufacturing process involved the use of vegetable ghee and other ingredients such as malai (cream).

All confiscated items, including the spurious ghee and raw materials, have been seized as evidence in the case. The combined value of the seized goods, including vegetable ghee and counterfeit ghee, amounts to 22.81 lakh rupees. The police conducted a thorough investigation, and a legal case has been registered against those involved in the illegal production of ghee.

Police Crackdown on Illegal Ghee Manufacturing Unit: 4 Arrested, 1 on the Run

It was disclosed that an illicit ghee manufacturing unit operating in Pipalva village has been raided by the police. The land where this fake ghee was being produced belongs to an individual. The operation was centered around a mineral water factory, adjacent to an RO plant, which was being utilized for the illicit production of counterfeit ghee. The factory had been supplying spurious ghee to locations as far as Nagpur in Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, and Vapi.

In connection with this case, charges have been filed against five individuals for their involvement in the illegal manufacturing of ghee. The main accused, Akash Vinjava, is currently at large, and efforts are underway to apprehend him. The police swiftly raided the factory and confiscated equipment used in the production process. Apart from the main accused, four others have already been arrested in connection with this illegal operation.

Police Seize Over 22 Lakhs in Case Involving 5 Accused, Main Culprit Still at Large

In this case, the police have registered charges against a total of 5 individuals, with the main accused, Akash Vinjava, currently on the run. Bharat Vasurebhai, Sahil Ismailbhai, and RamBhai Mashribhai Naushad ShabbirBhai have been swiftly arrested by the police. The charges include possession and involvement in the production of 2100 kilograms of counterfeit ghee. The total value of the seized assets and illicitly gained funds in this case has exceeded 22 lakhs.

The police are actively pursuing the main accused, Akash Vinjava, to bring him to justice. This operation is part of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal activities, ensuring public safety and upholding the law.

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