Board Exam Flexibility: 10th-12th Students Choose to Appear Twice or Once

In a recent statement to PTI, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan unveiled a pivotal change in the examination structure for class 10th and 12th students. Under this new framework, board examinations will be conducted twice a year, offering students greater flexibility in their academic pursuits. Importantly, Minister Pradhan emphasized that it will not be obligatory for students to appear for the exams on both occasions; rather, students will have the autonomy to decide whether they wish to take the board exam once or twice.

Biannual Board Exams: A Student-Centric Approach for Enhanced Convenience

In a move aimed at enhancing the educational experience for students, the introduction of biannual board examinations has been designed with the convenience of children in mind. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has revealed that students will now have the option to appear for board exams twice a year, a decision that allows them greater flexibility and control over their academic paths. Importantly, it is not mandatory for students to participate in both exam sessions; instead, they are empowered to decide whether they prefer to sit for the board exam once or twice annually.

This innovative system recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of students and aligns perfectly with the objectives of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023, aimed at modernizing India’s education system. The introduction of biannual board examinations puts students in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make informed choices about their educational journeys.

New Framework Aims to Alleviate Stress: Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Biannual Board Examinations

The Ministry of Education has undertaken significant reforms in the examination system, with Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan shedding light on the rationale behind these changes. In an effort to reduce stress and anxiety among students, the decision to conduct board examinations twice a year has been introduced. This announcement was made in August of this year and is in line with the New Curriculum Framework (NCF), which aims to bring about modifications in the examination system while maintaining the syllabus-based approach.

Minister Dharmendra Pradhan highlighted the primary objective of this change, emphasizing its potential to alleviate stress and fear among students. The NCF 2023, which forms the foundation of these reforms, has received positive feedback from students. As a result, the Ministry of Education is committed to implementing the biannual board examination system from the year 2024 onward.

Education Minister Pradhan

Education Minister Emphasizes Stress Reduction in Educational System

Union Education Minister Pradhan has underscored the importance of providing a stress-free environment for children as a fundamental responsibility. In a recent statement, he highlighted the significant changes being introduced in the education system, emphasizing the aim of alleviating stress among students, particularly those in classes 10th and 12th.

Minister Pradhan acknowledged the prevalent issue of students feeling disheartened by their board examination results. To address this concern, the new system offers a second opportunity to students who may not have achieved their desired scores for various reasons. This alternate system has been implemented with the primary objective of reducing the burden and stress experienced by students.

The Minister also expressed concern over the alarming rise in cases of student suicides in Kota, a city known for its coaching centers. He deemed this situation deeply troubling and emphasized the collective responsibility to prevent such tragic occurrences. The loss of young lives is a matter of grave concern, and it is imperative that steps are taken to create an educational environment conducive to the mental and emotional well-being of students.

This year alone, 27 students have tragically taken their own lives in Kota, highlighting the urgent need to address the psychological pressures students face. Minister Pradhan’s comments underscore the commitment to ensuring that students can pursue their studies in an atmosphere free from undue stress and anxiety.

Suicide Count by Year

Addressing the Issue of Dummy Schools in Education: A Concern Raised by Education Minister Pradhan

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has brought attention to a pressing issue within the education system: the presence of dummy schools. He pointed out that a significant number of students enroll in schools in their home states but come to Kota for coaching. These students often do not attend school full-time and instead focus solely on preparing for their board exams.

While the prevalence of such dummy schools may not be extensive, Minister Pradhan stressed the urgency of addressing this matter. He advocated for a robust and deliberate discussion on this issue, acknowledging that it cannot be ignored any longer. The Ministry of Education is actively exploring solutions to reduce the need for students to seek coaching outside of their regular school curriculum.

The concept of dummy schools has gained traction in response to the intense competition and high expectations associated with board examinations. Students and their families often turn to coaching centers in cities like Kota to augment their preparation efforts. However, this phenomenon has raised concerns about the quality of education in regular schools and the undue stress it places on students.

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