Brave Girls Risks Life to Stop Molestation in Moving Vehicle

In the Sanjkheda taluka, students commuting from school to home faced an unfortunate incident when they boarded a private pickup vehicle. On the way, passengers in the pickup vehicle began harassing the children, leading to panic among the kids. In the chaos, the driver lost control, and the vehicle overturned.

Students Commute and Face Harassment in Moving Vehicle

An incident that has brought shame to the entire state has occurred in the Sanjkheda taluka of Chhota Udepur district. Students from a village in Sanjkheda travel five kilometers daily to attend a high school. Yesterday evening, after leaving school, five students were traveling back home when they encountered a pickup vehicle on the road. Previously, the same vehicle had five passengers on board, locals known for engaging in unruly behavior.

Children Jump Off Moving Vehicle to Escape Harassment

As the children, seated inside the moving vehicle, were being harassed, they got scared and decided to jump off the moving pickup vehicle to save themselves. Some children managed to reach the nearby Nasvadi Hospital with minor injuries. Two children, in need of more urgent medical attention, were referred to Bodeli Hospital.

Pickup Vehicle Overturns during Chaotic Situation

The children, who jumped off the moving vehicle, were met with panic from the passengers inside, leading to chaos. The vehicle, filled with passengers, became aggressive and sped away, ultimately overturning. The immediate police response reached Nasvadi Hospital, based on the children’s complaints. Based on the children’s statements, the driver of the pickup vehicle, Ashwin Bhil, was apprehended, while four other accused individuals are currently on the run.

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