Now Buy Bullets Like Chocolate in America, Insert Money and Load Guns in Machines

Gun culture is steadily increasing in America. Incidents of mass shootings occasionally make headlines, often attributed to the widespread sale of guns resembling everyday items like milk and chocolate in American cities. As a result, many grocery stores in America have also installed vending machines, allowing easy purchase of bullets.

Availability of Bullet Vending Machines in Grocery Stores Across Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas

From Alabama to Oklahoma and Texas, bullet vending machines can be found adjacent to milk vending machines in grocery stores. These vending machines are also installed in grocery stores, where they allow the purchase of bullets with the ease of an ATM-like interface.

American Rounds: Innovating Bullet Vending Machines in Grocery Stores

The company American Rounds is installing these vending machines in grocery stores. These machines are equipped with identification scanners and facial recognition software, verifying the buyer’s age to facilitate easy purchase of bullets.

American Rounds: Safe Bullet Purchases with Age Verification Technology

American Rounds claims that purchasing bullets through their vending machines is extremely secure, even when done online. The company ensures physical age verification, allowing only customers aged 21 and above to easily purchase bullets from these vending machines. 

Equipped with embedded AI technology, card scanning capabilities, and facial recognition software, these vending machines prioritize safety and ease of use.

Expansion of American Rounds’ Automated Retail Machines (AARM)

CEO Grant Meyers of American Rounds announced that currently, eight machines of this type have been installed across four states. 

The company has received requests for over 200 stores for AARM (Automated Ammo Retail Machine) from nearly nine new states. This number continues to rise steadily.

American Divides Over

Many grocery stores in America are resisting the installation of these vending machines due to the constant occurrence of mass shootings. 

In 2024 alone, there have been 15 incidents of mass shootings, prompting concerns that widespread availability of bullets in grocery stores could exacerbate these events.

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