New Rule: Obtain Driving License with Birth Certificate from October 1st

Starting from October 1st, the importance of the birth certificate in document verification has increased. Under the new rules, the birth certificate can be used as a single document for various purposes, including school admissions, obtaining a driving license, voter ID, marriage registration, government employment, passport, and Aadhar, among many others.

During the monsoon session, the Birth and Death Registration (Amendment) Bill 2023 was introduced in both houses of Parliament. It received the President’s approval as well. Its implementation is scheduled to begin from October 1st, 2023.

The new law will also help create a national and state-level database for registered births and deaths. This will improve the delivery of public services, ensuring better accessibility. This new regulation will come into effect on October 1st or subsequently on newly issued birth certificates.

After the implementation of the new law, digital certificates for both birth and death records will be made available. Currently, only hard copies are accessible, which often require significant time spent at government offices. This change represents one of the most significant improvements following the enactment of the law.

Will Birth and Death Certificates Serve the Same Purpose as Aadhar Cards?

Yes, the birth and death certificates will function similarly to Aadhar cards. They will be recognized as valid identification documents everywhere. To use them, you may need to link them with your other documents and accounts, much like how Aadhar cards are used. In essence, these birth and death certificates will serve as universally accepted identification cards for verifying both birth and death records.

Niyati Rao

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