Espionage Unveiled: Officials in Mahesana Discover Audio Clips in Mobile of Mineral Thieves

A significant revelation has occurred in the Mahesana district as espionage activities of a mining department official have come to light. Two individuals, caught abandoning seized vehicles, drew the attention of mining department officials when they were conducting surveillance on their mobile phones. The scrutiny uncovered extensive text and audio messages related to the official’s activities in five WhatsApp groups, prompting a serious complaint by mining department authorities. Both individuals are now subject to further investigation by the police.

Uncovering the Entire Case – Illegal Earth Excavation with JCB and Dumper in Mahesana

In an illegal earth excavation incident in Mahesana, the mining department swiftly intercepted a JCB and dumper. Days before the incident, two individuals, identified as Dinesh Vanzara and Sanjay Ramesh Vanzara, associated with mining, were observed at the mining office. Authorities were alerted as mining department officials became suspicious during the inspection of their mobile phones, revealing extensive audio clips and text messages detailing the activities of mining officials.

‘Jimmy Sir Went Home Yesterday, Nothing Stopped, But Now He’s Back’

These words are from a conversation intercepted by Mahesana mining department spies. The two individuals involved are now noted for their association with firearms, as evidenced by numerous audio clips found on their mobile phones. The clips include details such as the movement of government officials, vehicle registration numbers, and specific locations, all shared within WhatsApp groups to evade potential surveillance.

What Mahesana Mining Department Officials are Saying?

Jimmy Vaniya, Mines Supervisor in Mahesana, has filed a complaint against the two individuals involved, initiating a broader police investigation. The case involves extensive tracking of government officials through WhatsApp groups and sharing of detailed information, including vehicle movements, photos, and specific routes. The entire network is under scrutiny to prevent further leaks and ensure the safety of officials.

GPS Tracker Used for Espionage in Patan

Before Mahesana, similar surveillance activities were taking place in Patan district by mining department officials against mining mafias. The use of GPS trackers in government vehicles for monitoring their movements became evident when Jimmy Vaniya, the Mines Supervisor, filed a complaint against unauthorized individuals. This led to the discovery of GPS trackers hidden inside the bumpers of the rear tires of government vehicles, mainly aimed at overseeing mining department operations.

1236 Individuals Affected Across 5 WhatsApp Groups

In the overall tracking scandal, the mobile phones of the two individuals involved revealed membership in five WhatsApp groups with a total of 1236 individuals. Among these groups, specific administrators and their activities were closely monitored, including the movement of their vehicles. A collaborative effort among members from different regions was initiated to share information, pictures of vehicles, and monitor government officials, particularly those involved in surveillance and espionage.

Mahesana Mining Department Officials Share Information via WhatsApp

The Mines Supervisor, Jimmy Vaniya, shared that a red alert was issued against government officials, leading to a more extensive investigation. During a recent raid, a GPS tracker was discovered in the government vehicle of a Mines Department driver. Following this discovery, extensive surveillance and tracking efforts are being carried out by the police to unravel the details of this ongoing case.

Patan Utilized GPS Tracker for Espionage Activities

Prior to Mahesana, mining department officials in Patan district were already under scrutiny for their surveillance activities against mining mafias. Using GPS trackers in government vehicles, authorities were keenly observing their operations and movements. In a proactive measure, magnetic GPS trackers were placed inside the bumpers of official vehicles, which were later discovered during routine vehicle inspections. The mining department vehicles equipped with these trackers were primarily aimed at monitoring mining operations and preventing illegal activities. The matter is now under investigation to understand the full extent of these espionage activities.

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