Fake GST Officer Busted in Surprise Raid,Conducts Fake Raid in Talod, After Year-Long Investigation Caught from Gandhinagar

A person accused of impersonating a GST officer and extorting businessmen in Gandhinagar and other districts has been apprehended by the team of the Local Crime Branch (LCB). A year ago, the accused had conducted a fake raid on a businessman in Talod, resulting in a complaint being filed with the Talod police.

Surge in Businessmen Extortion Cases After Raiding Fake GST Officers

After conducting raids on fake GST officers in Gandhinagar and other districts, a wave of extortion cases against businessmen has surged. A year ago, a businessman from Talod had filed a complaint with the Talod police after becoming a victim of a fake GST raid. LCB took prompt action against the accused after identifying him during the investigation.

Kamlesh alias K.P. Panchal Arrested in Connection with the Case

In connection with the serious charges of extortion, Kamlesh Panchal, also known as K.P. Panchal (resident of U.V. 53, Real Estate Agent, M. No. 2, Aniket Society, Nana Chiloda), was arrested. Acting on the information provided by the LCB team, Ravi Teja Vasamsetti, Superintendent of Police for the district, directed LCB to quickly apprehend the accused.

Action against Accused Kamlesh Panchal

Based on the information received, Kamlesh Panchal was swiftly apprehended by the LCB team on the service road leading to Apollo Circle Narmada Canal. Upon questioning, he confessed to conducting a fake GST raid against a businessman in Talod a year ago. Kamlesh Panchal had teamed up with his friend Chetan Mevada and other associates, who had joined hands with the businessman’s circle to expose the fake GST officer and bring an end to his extortion activities.

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