Gandhinagar Welcomes New Mayor Meera Patel, Natvarji Thakor Elected Unanimously as Deputy Mayor

Recently, there has been suspense surrounding the elections for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Chairman of the Standing Committee in the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, spanning several days of north-south dominance struggles. 

The Parliamentary Board meeting, which began yesterday evening, also saw prolonged suspense until late at night. Today’s general meeting was surprisingly straightforward as the organization directly mandated Miraben Patel to assume the role of Mayor. 

Miraben Patel is a councilor from Ward No. 10. Natvarji Mathurji Thakor from Ward No. 1 has been appointed as Deputy Mayor, while Gaurang Vyas, Chairman of the Standing Committee, retains his influential position.

Natvarji Mathurji Thakor

Unanimous Selection of Mayor and Deputy Mayor

In today’s general meeting of the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, Miraben Patel, councilor from Ward No. 10, has been unanimously chosen as the Mayor, while Natvarji Mathurji Thakor, councilor from Ward No. 1, has been unanimously selected as the Deputy Mayor. Additionally, Gaurang Vyas has been appointed as the Chairman of the Standing Committee.

Prioritizing Development for Newly Added Villages in Corporation: Mayor Miraben Patel

Gandhinagar’s new Mayor, Miraben Patel, has expressed that in the past eight years, Hiteshbhai Makwana has facilitated significant development. Looking ahead, the city and the corporation will prioritize the development of newly added villages, ensuring comprehensive progress.

Gaurang Vyas

Intense Competition in Power Struggle

Before the general assembly, the ruling party had gathered to firmly establish consensus on all names. Councilors, prominent leaders, and lawmakers gathered under the leadership of BJP leaders, holding meetings to sense the prevailing conditions. 

Typically, BJP members choose to remain silent during such times of sensing, but this time, leaders encouraged members to openly express their opinions. Consequently, the power struggle between the two factions, North and South, intensified, resulting in delays in the appointment of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Chairman of the Standing Committee. Finally, the issue of appointing new office-bearers reached the corridors of Delhi.

Delay Due to Lok Sabha Elections

Gandhinagar had to wait until April to appoint a new female Mayor due to the Lok Sabha elections and subsequently the swearing-in ceremony of the new government. This delay extended for about two months after the general assembly had initially planned to confirm the new Mayor on June 10. 

However, due to the busy schedule of the Central Home Minister and Gandhinagar’s MP, Amit Shah, the names could not be finalized, leading to the postponement of the general assembly session.

New Office Bearers Surprised

Today in the general assembly of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, the appointments of the new female Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Chairman of the Standing Committee were preceded by a meeting among the Chief Minister, the state BJP leaders, and the state chief. During this session, a panel prepared by inspectors was discussed. 

Consequently, in today’s general assembly meeting, everyone was surprised by the mandate issued by the organization’s new office bearers. Miraben Patel, Councilor of Ward No. 10, was appointed as the new female Mayor of Gandhinagar, while Natvarji Mathurji Thakor, Councilor from Ward No. 1, was appointed as the Deputy Mayor. Gaurang Vyas was appointed as the Chairman of the Standing Committee.

Here is the list of the new office bearers:

  1. Miraben Yogeshbhai Patel – Mayor
  2. Natvarji Mathurji Thakor – Deputy Mayor
  3. Gaurangbhai Vyas – Chairman of the Standing Committee
  4. Sejalben Kanubhai Parmar – Whip
  5. Anilsinh Vaghela – Party Leader

Here are the names of the members of the Standing Committee:

  1. Jashpalsinh Bihola
  2. Chhayaben Trivedi
  3. Popatsinh Gohil
  4. Tejalben Nayi
  5. Shaileshbhai Patel
  6. Shailaben Trivedi
  7. Ushaben Thakor
  8. Kailashben Sutariya
  9. Bharatbhai Gohil
  10. Alpaben Patel
  11. Minaben Solanki

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