Protest in Gandhinagar as TET Pass Candidates Demand Permanent Teacher Recruitment; Clash with Police Ensues Watch Video

The Gujarat government has started the recruitment of temporary teachers in government schools instead of permanent teachers. Recently, candidates who have passed the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) have been protesting for a long time demanding the recruitment of permanent teachers. Today, candidates from various districts came to Gandhinagar, and before they could stage a protest, the police detained them. There was a clash between the police and the candidates, resulting in a lathi charge to control the situation. During this time, some female candidates were reported to have fainted.

Thousands of candidates are looking for opportunities for permanent recruitment in government schools. The impact of temporary teachers on the education of students in government schools has been considerable. Since the government has not initiated the process of permanent teacher recruitment, there is a growing demand for the appointment of guest teachers. The candidates who have passed the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) are expressing their dissatisfaction. Presently, the government is recruiting guest teachers, who will be given an honorarium for their efforts. The decision by the government has sparked anger among TET-passed candidates, especially those with B.Ed qualifications. Currently, there are around 32,000 unemployed B.Ed graduates in the state.

If the government does not initiate permanent teacher recruitment in the next five years, many candidates may need to reappear for examinations. The government has made TET examinations optional for becoming a teacher, and the validity of the certificate will be for five years. This has led to dissatisfaction among the candidates, and there is a demand for the restoration of TET as a mandatory qualification.

The TET was first conducted in 2011 and again in 2014. Candidates who passed the TET in the first year will have to reappear for the examination in subsequent years if the government does not announce permanent teacher recruitment. The government is facing criticism from unemployed youth who have paid fees for exams but are not getting job opportunities. The demand for permanent recruitment is high among unemployed youth instead of hiring guest teachers.

The demand for permanent recruitment of teachers, based on the contractual agreement, is not being fulfilled. The state education department has implemented the Knowledge Assistant Plan in schools, where the recruitment of Knowledge Assistants based on an 11-month contract is ongoing. Due to this policy of the state government, the recruitment of regular teachers and educational assistants has been on hold for years.

As a result, thousands of candidates who have passed Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT) are facing uncertainty in terms of employment opportunities. The Knowledge Assistant Plan has created darkness for the future aspirations of unemployed candidates who have successfully completed TET and TAT, causing widespread opposition across Gujarat.

The opposition against the Knowledge Assistant Plan and the demand for permanent teacher recruitment have led to protests, particularly in Gandhinagar. The protests have seen a large number of TET and TAT-passed candidates expressing their discontent. The police have taken stringent actions against the demonstrators, leading to clashes and, in some cases, arrests. The ongoing struggle and demonstrations by TET and TAT-passed candidates have created tension in the state. The police have also faced criticism for their forceful actions against the protesters, resulting in injuries to many. The situation is further intensifying, with a substantial number of candidates participating in demonstrations against the Knowledge Assistant Plan and demanding permanent teacher recruitment.

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