Gandhinagar Visa Consultancy Scam Exposed: Complaint Filed Against Three, Including Agents in Visnagar

In the vicinity of the Kudasan Party Plot in Gandhinagar, the Future Planning Visa Consultancy, operating as agents, has been exposed for creating fake bank statements based on which individuals were obtaining visas. Three agents, along with their accomplices, are facing charges of forgery and fraud in connection with creating false documents to facilitate visa applications.

Visa Consultancy Fraud Exposed in Gandhinagar

Operating under various names in Gujarat, particularly in countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, agents play a crucial role in preparing false documents, certificates, bank statements, etc., to obtain student visas and work permits. The role of agents in facilitating visa consultancy has come under scrutiny by the CID Crime, leading to a raid on the Future Planning Visa Consultancy located near the Kudasan Party Plot in Gandhinagar.

Here, Sahil Vikeshbhai Patel, employed in a job earning Rs. 15,000, was found present. The owners of the consultancy, Jyanti Bhai Chaudhari, Harshadkumar Barot, Rakesh Barot, and another office located in Visnagar, are currently under investigation.

Subsequently, the police seized several visa files, seven passports, files related to the Business Associate Agreement, and other documents from Sahil’s mobile’s WhatsApp chat history. This revealed alterations in bank statements. A total of 79,300 INR in cash and items such as a monitor, laptop, hard disk, pen drive, CPU, and mobile phones were confiscated as evidence. The investigation also revealed that Sahil and Krunal Kiritsinh Varyani had obtained genuine bank statements for three foreign accounts in Mahesana. The focus now shifts to verifying the authenticity of these accounts for potential larger financial transactions.

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