GCAS Ruckus Leads to University Lockdown: Statewide Student Admission Delays, ABVP Protests Clash with Police; One Injured, One Unconscious

Today (June 24), ABVP protested against the malfunctioning of the GCAS portal in government universities across Gujarat. In cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara, protesters gathered and chanted slogans against the Education Minister, alleging discrepancies in registration processes for admissions via the GCAS portal. 

The protest led to confrontations between ABVP activists, police, and university authorities, resulting in one activist being injured and subsequently receiving medical attention through emergency services.

ABVP Takes to the Streets in Protest Against GCAS Portal Issues

ABVP Takes to the Streets in Protest Against GCAS Portal Issues

ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) activists protested today against the Gujarat government’s admission process through the GCAS portal across 15 state-run universities. Issues highlighted included the denial of admissions to eligible students, delays in starting the admission process for LLB courses, pending results for the latest semester exams for undergraduate students, and the delayed admission process for postgraduate students. 

ABVP activists initiated a protest at Saurashtra University, where they shut down various departments. Tensions escalated between protesters, police, and university staff, leading to clashes and the burning of effigies. Meanwhile, students from rural areas faced significant inconvenience due to the disruptions in the examination department.

ABVP Protests Outside Gujarat University, Creates Uproar

ABVP Protests Outside Gujarat University, Creates Uproar

ABVP activists gathered in large numbers outside Gujarat University, raising slogans and staging a dramatic protest regarding issues with the GCAS portal. They approached the university tower and staged a theatrical demonstration. 

Subsequently, they closed the gates and banged drums to draw attention, chanting slogans against the Education Minister. Police intervened by securing the university tower area and attempting to control the situation. Despite attempts to disperse the crowd, the protesters persisted in their demands. Eventually, a confrontation ensued between ABVP activists and police, leading to some tense moments before the situation was resolved.

ABVP Protest Leads to Tensions at MS University Over GCAS Portal Glitches

ABVP Protest Leads to Tensions at MS University Over GCAS Portal Glitches

Today, ABVP activists organized a rally from Fatehgunj Circle to the head office of MS University in Vadodara. The protest was in response to ongoing issues with the GCAS portal affecting the admission process at the university. The situation escalated when activists unexpectedly reached the head office and forcefully removed the portal server, prompting a police alert. 

Police intervened to prevent further escalation, leading to clashes between officers and activists. During the confrontation, one activist sustained head injuries, and another required medical attention, necessitating their transport to the hospital via 108 ambulance services.

Vice-Chancellor Unavailable Amidst GCAS Portal Issues

Vadodara: ABVP’s Akshay Rabari has stated that the Gujarat government has initiated the GCAS portal. This move is supposedly in the students’ interest, but the portal has numerous flaws. 

ABVP has been submitting petitions for months, but no solutions have been provided. Therefore, today we approached the Education Minister through the Vice-Chancellor’s office, but the Vice-Chancellor was unavailable. The Vice-Chancellor is not working in the students’ interest. Police tried to stop us and during the confrontation, our two workers were injured.

Registrar of MS University K.M. Chudasama said that admission processes at all 16 universities, including MS University, are running through the GCAS portal. We have filed complaints regarding technical issues in the GCAS portal. We are committed to resolving these issues.

Only 1 Lakh Students Granted Admission: ABVP Leader Criticizes GCAS Portal Failure

Only 1 Lakh Students Granted Admission: ABVP Leader Criticizes GCAS Portal Failure

ABVP leader Samarth Bhatt has expressed concerns over the failure of the GCAS portal, stating that only 1 lakh students have managed to secure admission. Out of the available 9 lakh seats, registration was completed for only 4 lakh students. 

Bhatt emphasized that the government should take note, warning of a potential intense protest within the next 48 hours if the issues plaguing the GCAS portal are not resolved promptly.

ABVP's Demand: Transparency and Efficiency in GCAS Portal for Gujarat's Higher Education

ABVP’s Demand: Transparency and Efficiency in GCAS Portal for Gujarat’s Higher Education

ABVP has raised significant concerns in a recent petition to Gujarat’s Education Minister, Rishikesh Patel, highlighting their 75-year commitment to the welfare of Indian students. The ABVP has consistently advocated for resolving student issues and challenges. 

The Gujarat government’s initiative to centralize admissions through Gujarat Common Admission Service (GCAS) is commendable, but the portal’s current flaws are causing immense distress among students. ABVP insists that the government should prioritize resolving these issues to prevent potential harm to the future of thousands of students due to the corrupt bureaucracy of Gujarat.

GCAS aims to streamline data collection, yet current circumstances suggest that the portal’s operations are not running smoothly. It’s crucial to assess how the collected data from GCAS is being utilized presently. The absence of transparency in college merit lists and admission criteria raises serious concerns that need immediate attention. Students are unable to rectify errors in their forms, which poses a grave threat to their academic pursuits.

Key issues include:

  • Delayed commencement of LLB admissions
  • Lack of document verification for students who have already filled caste-related information
  • Unclear processes for reassessing final semester results or supplementary exams for PG students, potentially affecting those relying on GCAS for admissions

ABVP urges the government to swiftly address these critical matters and provide complete information about available seats, cutoffs, and fees for each college. Clarity on reserved seats is essential to prevent misunderstandings among students.

Potential Outburst if No Action Taken Within 48 Hours

Potential Outburst if No Action Taken Within 48 Hours

Rajkot Municipal Minister Yuvarajsinh Jadeja has alerted that if the flaws in the GCAS portal are not addressed promptly, a severe agitation may ensue. Initially, Dr. Niranbari Dave, the Vice Chancellor of Saurashtra University, had approached officials with concerns regarding these issues, but they were consistently absent, leading Deputy Secretary Dr. Ramesh Parmar to handle the appeal. 

Consequently, all departments and examination divisions of Saurashtra University’s main building were temporarily shut down. Subsequently, the GCAS server’s destruction occurred. If the state government does not take steps to alleviate student difficulties within the next 48 hours, a violent agitation will be inevitable.

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