Tragic Incident: Neelkanth Traders’ Ghee Supplier, Linked to Ambaji Temple, Found Dead by Suicide on Birthday

There were several controversies surrounding the supply of ghee at the famous Shaktipeeth Ambaji in Gujarat. The ghee supply, which reached there, was of inferior quality and raised many concerns. Investigations revealed that the supply of this ghee was from Neelkanth Traders in Madhupura. The businessman behind this trade has recently committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence after consuming poison. Local police, upon reaching the scene, initiated an investigation. However, no suicide note has been found so far. The deceased’s body has been sent for post-mortem. When reporters from Bhaskar reached Jatin Shah’s house, the grief-stricken family did not provide any response. Currently, the family is waiting for the arrival of the post-mortem report to gain insights into the cause of the tragic incident.

Shocking Incident as Man Takes His Own Life Amidst Morning Argument

In a tragic incident today, Jatin Shah, a 47-year-old resident near Madhupura Market in Ahmedabad, took his own life at home. The shocking event unfolded when his wife went to confront him during an argument at 10 in the morning. Jatin, associated with Neelkanth Traders, was a well-known figure in the area. The dispute with his wife took a devastating turn, leading him to consume poison and hang himself in their room. Jatin, who resided with his family in Isanpur near the seasonal society, left everyone in shock with this unfortunate act. The local police have initiated an investigation, although no suicide note has been discovered yet. The family awaits further details from the post-mortem report to understand the reasons behind this distressing incident.

Controversy Erupts as Ghee Supply Disrupted at Ambaji Temple

An unexpected turn of events unfolded at Ambaji Temple as disputes arose over the supply of ghee. The controversy prompted locals in the vicinity to disperse, drawing the attention of the Narol Police team to investigate the matter. The individual responsible for the ghee supply, associated with Neelkanth Traders, has been identified as Jatin Shah. People in the surrounding areas began to disperse when news of the incident spread, and the local police team from Narol arrived at the location. No suicide note has been found from the site. Jatin, who was involved in supplying ghee at Ambaji Temple, had become embroiled in a dispute, and his identity has now been revealed during the comprehensive investigation. The local police, taken aback by this sudden development, have initiated an inquiry to uncover the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Ghee Adulteration Scandal Uncovered in Ambaji Prasad

Jatin Shah, a trader associated with Neelkanth Traders in Ahmedabad’s Madhupura area, was apprehended by the Ambaji Police in connection with the adulteration of ghee found in the prasad at the Ambaji Temple. The arrest followed allegations against Jatin Shah, who was detained while he was visiting his warehouse in Madhupura’s Flower Market. The joint team of Ahmedabad Municipal Food Department and the police conducted a thorough investigation at his warehouse. The incident revealed an attempt to supply adulterated ghee in the sacred prasad of the renowned Ambaji Temple. The authorities are taking strict measures to ensure the sanctity and purity of the temple offerings.

Food and Health Department Raids Factory Following Allegations of Adulterated Ghee

In response to allegations of adulteration, the Ambaji Police, along with the Ahmedabad Municipal Food Department, conducted a raid at the Neelkanth Traders’ warehouse in Fulpuram, Madhupura. Jatin, the accused, was detained during the operation, where officials meticulously counted and sampled ghee containers. The Food Department of Ahmedabad took note of batch numbers and gathered all relevant details during the warehouse inspection. The joint effort aims to ensure the safety and integrity of food products, particularly ghee, within the region. The authorities are actively addressing the matter to maintain the quality of food and uphold health standards.

Ambaji Police Arrests Owner of Neelkanth Traders in Connection with Ghee Scandal

The owner of Neelkanth Traders, Jatin Shah, was apprehended by Ambaji Police following allegations of purchasing 300 containers of ghee from Mohanlal, a trader associated with Mohan Thal Caterers in Madhupura, Ahmedabad. These containers were reportedly used in the preparation of prasad. Ambaji Police conducted the arrest, and Jatin Shah received a one-day remand from the court for further investigation. The authorities are actively probing the connections between Neelkanth Traders and the ghee scandal that unfolded in Madhupura.

Food Department Team Collects Samples from Neelkanth Traders’ Warehouse, Including Ghee, Sauces, and Spices

The Food Department’s team discovered containers labeled as Amul Pure Ghee in the warehouse of Neelkanth Traders. Samples were collected from all ghee containers, as well as various other items sold by Neelkanth Traders, such as sauces and spices. The sampling process also included an examination of the stock and products sold by Neelkanth Traders. The team’s thorough investigation extended to a store near Delhi Gate associated with Jatin Shah, the owner of Neelkanth Traders.

Sealing of Shops and Warehouse Following the Incident in Ambaji

After the incident in Ambaji, a team from the Ahmedabad Food Department conducted checks in the Ghee Bazaar of Madhupura and Kalupur, involving a total of 17 wholesale and retail shopkeepers. Samples were collected from 13 shops for ghee testing, and notices were issued to 3 shops. Approximately 700 kilograms of stock and 41 liters of ghee, valued at around ₹4,67,000, were confiscated. Additionally, Neelkanth Traders’ shop and warehouse were sealed by authorities during the night.

Jatin Shah, the trader from Neelkanth Traders, expressed no regrets or concerns when brought in for inspection of the warehouse. He sat in the police vehicle with a smile, confidently stating that they had not done anything wrong and had not provided counterfeit ghee. In his demeanor, there was no sign of remorse or guilt for any wrongdoing.

Stating the purchase of adulterated ghee from a trader in Ambaji, an explosion in the case of ghee adulteration in Mohanthal unfolded. Accused Jatin Shah informed the police that he had purchased the consignment of ghee from a trader named Dushyant Soni in Ahmedabad’s Paladi area. The police were informed about this transaction, leading to an investigation into the alleged purchase of counterfeit ghee from Dushyant Soni. The police conducted thorough inspections at Dushyant Soni’s warehouse in Paladi and also at his residence, sealing both the shop and the house for further investigation. Despite the extensive search, no evidence or traces of the alleged counterfeit ghee were found in Dushyant Soni’s possession. As a result, the police had no concrete findings in their search operation. This marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation, as Jatin Shah’s claims about the source of the adulterated ghee are now being scrutinized by law enforcement.

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