GLS University and ICAI Collaborate on Innovative Courses in Accounting and Finance

GLS University and ICAI have entered into an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). Both educational institutions have agreed to collaborate in developing new and industry-oriented study programs in the fields of accounting, taxation, commerce, and finance. They have also agreed to encourage quality research and provide facilities for various academic activities.

To promote the latest advancements in the fields of accounts, taxation, and finance, the universities will organize Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) and other related seminars, conferences, and workshops. The primary focus of these initiatives will be to fine-tune the knowledge and skills of students in these areas of study.

ICAI’s Chief and GLS University’s President Present for MoU Signing

GLS University, which is Gujarat’s second university, has signed an MoU with ICAI. Previously, ICAI had entered into MoUs with various universities across the country. In this MoU signing, Aniket Talati, the Chief of ICAI, and Sudhir Nanavati, the President of GLS University, were present.

Expanding Global Research Endeavors: Aniket Talati

Sudhir Nanavati stated that this MoU will establish a strong collaborative partnership between GLS University and ICAI. Both educational institutions will be capable of offering industry-relevant education and research in the fields of teaching, pedagogy, and research. Aniket Talati, a Chartered Accountant, emphasized that the MoU will provide students and educators with practical, skill-based, and employment-centric education. The MoU with GLS University will facilitate collaboration with international educators and researchers and expand global research endeavors.

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