Horror in Gondal: 5-Year-Old Girl Brutally Mauled by Dogs, Faces Plastic Surgery After Mouth Injury

Serious Dog Attack on 5-Year-Old in Rajkot District

In a shocking incident in the village of Gondal, a 5-year-old girl was severely attacked by two dogs, resulting in serious injuries. The incident occurred when the child was playing near her home, and the dogs pounced on her, causing significant harm. Initially taken to the Gondal government hospital, the gravity of the situation has necessitated further treatment at the Rajkot Civil Hospital, where plastic surgery on the child’s face may be required.

The attack, carried out by the dogs, has reached a critical level, leading to the consideration of plastic surgery on the child’s face. The gravity of the situation is such that urgent measures are being taken to address the injuries inflicted by the dogs.

This incident has raised concerns about the safety of residents, especially children, in the village. Authorities are expected to investigate the circumstances of the dog attack and take appropriate action to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Medical Intervention for Child Injured in Dog Attack

Following the severe dog attack on the 5-year-old girl in the village of Gondal, immediate medical attention was provided to her. The child was taken to the Gondal government hospital, where initial dressing for the injuries sustained on her face due to the attack was administered. Subsequently, doctors advised that the child should be immediately transferred to Rajkot Civil Hospital for further treatment, possibly requiring plastic surgery.

The medical team at Gondal government hospital conducted initial dressing procedures, and the child was then transported to Rajkot Civil Hospital under the guidance of medical professionals. The seriousness of the injuries, particularly on the face, suggests that additional measures, such as plastic surgery, may be necessary for the child’s recovery.

The incident has highlighted concerns about safety, especially for children, in the village, and authorities are expected to investigate the circumstances surrounding the dog attack to prevent future occurrences.

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