Tragic Accident: GRD Jawan’s Fatal Bike Crash in Bardoli Captured on CCTV

Severe Heatwave Across the State: GRD Jawan Succumbs to Heatstroke in Bardoli

The intense heatwave sweeping across the state has led to an increase in cases of heatstroke and heart attacks. In a tragic incident today, a GRD jawan from Madhi village in Bardoli collapsed and died within 10 seconds after sitting on his bike. The shocking moment was captured on CCTV.

Collapsed Immediately After Sitting on the Bike

Kamlesh Bachubhai Chaudhary, a 42-year-old resident of Tekri Faliyu in Balda village, had come to a garage near the main high school in Madhi village to repair his bike. As he sat on his bike to leave, he suddenly became unconscious and collapsed. A nearby person immediately tried to help and called for assistance, and local residents quickly gathered. Despite the swift response and calling a doctor, Kamlesh passed away before any medical aid could be administered.

Death in Just 10 Seconds

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed at the location. The footage shows the young man sitting on his bike at the garage and collapsing within just 10 seconds. Subsequently, other people present there rushed to him and attempted to revive him, but the young man did not regain consciousness.

13-Year-Old Daughter Lost Her Father’s Support

The deceased, Kamlesh Bachubhai Chaudhary, was a resident of Balda village near Madhi and served as a GRD officer at Bardoli Rural Police Station. Notably, he had been on leave for the past three days due to valve disease. His sudden death has left his 13-year-old daughter without her father’s support. The family is deeply mourning the loss, and the entire Chaudhary community in Balda village is enveloped in grief due to the passing of a promising young member of their community.

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