Gujarat Tops in Drug Seizures: Gandhidham Police Seize 800 Crores Worth of Cocaine in Just 2 Years

Gujarat Police is consistently active in breaking the drug racket. Recently, Gandhi Dham Police seized 80 kilograms of cocaine worth 800 crores. Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi praised the diligent work of Gandhi Dham Police, highlighting that Gujarat Police has achieved in 2 years what Punjab and Haryana couldn’t in many years.

Near the Meethirohar 2 Riverbank, there was preparation underway to assemble a significant batch of drugs. The police in the Gandhidham B Division Police Station area received information about a large-scale trafficking of drugs and other narcotics in the villages along the river. In response, the police formed separate teams consisting of the Local Crime Branch (LCB), Special Operations Group (SOG), and local police for extensive checks and combing operations in the riverbank villages. They maintained continuous vigilance over suspicious activities related to drug trafficking.

During this operation, the LCB received credible information about a substantial consignment of drugs being assembled near the Meethirohar 2 riverbank. Based on this information, the police teams immediately reached the scene and seized 80 kilograms of drugs from the location.

80 Kilograms of Cocaine Seized

The Gandhidham Police had been keeping a close watch on cocaine for many days. Based on information received by the police, indicating the likelihood of a significant cocaine supply, an extensive operation was launched. In this operation, approximately 80 kilograms of cocaine were seized. The report from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has also confirmed the presence of cocaine. This cocaine haul is estimated to be worth around 800 crore rupees, and it has earned praise for the diligent work of the Gandhidham Police.

Even International Accused Have Been Nabbed

Harsh Sanghavi stated that while no other state had successfully cracked down on cocaine for years, Gujarat Police managed to make significant seizures in a relatively short time. The details of where cocaine is sourced from, where it is sold, and where large supplies are being routed have been closely monitored after gathering insightful information. The successful operations have also extended to individuals with international connections who were involved in drug trafficking. While Punjab and Haryana governments have failed to curb drug trafficking for years, Gujarat Police has achieved remarkable success in just two years.

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