New Year Traffic Drive: Court Urges Action at 10 Spots, Including Sindhubhan, Starting Tomorrow

During a hearing in the Gujarat High Court, concerns about congestion, traffic issues, and poor road conditions were raised. Information was provided by the government lawyer during the hearing, stating that a special drive is underway to address traffic problems. Violations of traffic rules have led to the registration of 51,045 cases from February 10 to November 30, 2023. Awareness campaigns about traffic rules are being conducted, and penalties, ranging from 500 to 1,000 rupees, are imposed for unauthorized parking on public roads.

Identification of Blackspots and Measures Taken

The Gujarat High Court mentioned that road accidents are a severe issue and revealed that 30 blackspots have been identified in Ahmedabad. Preparations have been made to address these blackspots with long and short-term measures. Additionally, efforts have been made to locate places where accidents have resulted in fatalities over the last three years. Furthermore, 14 hotspots have been identified for potential transformation into blackspots.

Awareness Programs and Training Initiatives

To enhance awareness, 8,451 training programs have been organized, targeting various sections of society. An elevated corridor spanning 4 kilometers is planned on the approach road from Iskcon Junction to Sanand, with the tender already announced. Several programs, including awareness campaigns in schools and events in public spaces, have been implemented. Special training programs have been conducted for truck drivers to promote road safety.

Court’s Directive for Strict Implementation

The court emphasized the importance of strict implementation of traffic rules and directed the government to enforce penalties more rigorously. A fine of 500 rupees for the first offense and 1,000 rupees for subsequent violations has been imposed for illegal parking on public roads. The court instructed authorities to strictly enforce these penalties for the next 15 days.

Immediate Actions and Upcoming Measures

The Advocate General informed that his residence had been under construction for 45 days, leading to a temporary parking issue. After resolving the situation, people have again started parking vehicles outside his bungalow. The court directed the government to identify five locations in Ahmedabad where strict traffic measures will be implemented for the next 15 days. The court warned that if the situation persists, action will be taken.

Escalation of Issues in Recent Days

The petitioner highlighted an increase in problems, especially around the Stadium Circle area, where people park vehicles indiscriminately, causing inconvenience. Medical stores have also contributed to the problem by allowing parking on the road. The court acknowledged the need for a solution and instructed the government to act immediately, focusing on Sindhu Bhavan Road. The court urged authorities to start work promptly, even from tomorrow, to address the escalating traffic issues.

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