Eco Car Driver in Surat Mows Down Five, Including Three Children; Bystanders Rushed to Immediate Treatment

Shocking Hit-and-Run Incident in Surat

In a shocking hit-and-run incident in the Limbayat area of Surat, a dramatic event unfolded as an Eco car driver fled the scene after colliding with five pedestrians simultaneously. Three children, a woman, and a man were seriously injured in the incident, captured by CCTV cameras. Quick intervention by alert bystanders prevented any fatalities. The police promptly apprehended the hit-and-run driver, and legal proceedings are underway.

Hit-and-Run Incident in Limbayat, Surat

In a disturbing incident in the Narayan Nagar area of Limbayat, Surat, a hit-and-run case occurred on the Service Road last night. An Eco car driver, speeding on the road, hit five pedestrians, including three children, a woman, and a man, who were standing near a parking area. The driver fled the scene after the accident, leaving the victims injured. The shocking incident was captured by surveillance cameras, and immediate action is being taken by law enforcement to apprehend the fleeing driver. The injured victims are receiving medical attention, and the investigation is ongoing.

Hit-and-Run Incident Captured on CCTV in Limbayat

In a shocking hit-and-run incident in Limbayat, the entire event was captured on CCTV. The footage revealed that an Eco car driver, traveling on the service road, intentionally drove through a group of pedestrians, including a woman and three children, before fleeing the scene. The incident, which involved the driver maneuvering the vehicle to hit the pedestrians, was clearly recorded on the surveillance cameras. Onlookers in the vicinity were alarmed and reacted to the situation, causing the driver to speed away. Law enforcement is actively using the CCTV footage to identify and apprehend the hit-and-run driver. The well-documented incident will aid in the investigation and potential legal action against the responsible party.

Incident in Limbayat Involving Hit-and-Run Results in No Fatalities

According to the Limbayat Police, a recent incident unfolded in the vicinity during the early hours of the night. In this event, a driver intentionally committed a hit-and-run and managed to escape. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police promptly reached the scene to initiate an investigation.

In this particular occurrence, the driver targeted and struck five individuals. One man sustained injuries to his leg, while his daughter was subjected to facial injuries. The rest of the victims, two children and a woman, suffered relatively minor injuries. The man with the leg injury has been admitted to the hospital, while the other victims have received medical attention for their injuries.

Arrest of Accused During Police Operation

In a recent development, the police, relying on CCTV footage, initiated an investigation and deployed teams to apprehend the hit-and-run driver. During the operation, the police swiftly apprehended the suspect, Rupesh Dattubhai Polekar, who was involved in the hit-and-run incident during the night.

Upon questioning, it was revealed that the accused worked as a supervisor in a private company. Currently, the police are conducting further investigations to understand the motive behind the incident and whether there are any additional individuals involved.

Rupesh Dattubhai Polekar has been taken into custody, and the police will continue to conduct a thorough inquiry to ensure justice is served. The swift action taken by the police demonstrates their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.


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