Hunter Biden Found Guilty in Gun Case: Faces Possible 25-Year Jail Term, Sentencing Scheduled After 120 Days

Biden’s Son Hunter Found Guilty in Case Before Election

In the United States, the difficulties for President Joe Biden have increased ahead of the elections scheduled for November 5. His son, Hunter Biden, has been found guilty in a gun case after a 7-day trial. A court in Delaware has convicted Hunter.

This is the first time a court has found the son of a sitting president guilty in the United States. Hunter is accused of concealing information about his drug habit when applying for a gun license.

Hunter could face sentencing within 120 days of being found guilty. He could face up to 25 years in prison. During a meeting in France four days ago, Biden was told that if his son is found guilty in the trial, they will never forgive him.

Hunter Biden Faces Sentencing within 120 Days

Hunter Biden, who has been found guilty in 3 cases, faces varying sentences. In 2 cases, he has been sentenced to 10 years in prison each, while in the third case, he has been sentenced to 5 years. According to federal guidelines, whether to reduce or increase the sentence depends on the judge.

According to The New York Times, since the individual has no criminal record and has not used any purchased firearms in any crimes, they usually receive a lighter sentence. It could range from 15 to 21 months. In each case, he will also have to pay a fine of 2 million rupees.

Hunter could be sentenced within 120 days (4 months). This means that any decision about his sentence will be made before the American presidential election.

Allegations Against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden faces allegations of concealing true information when purchasing Colt Cobra handguns in October 2018. At the time, he had a history of drug addiction and regularly used drugs. He provided false information in documents to buy the guns. Truly, according to American law, individuals who use drugs cannot possess guns or any lethal weapons.

Hunter’s former lover testified in court. His ex-girlfriend, Halle, made a significant statement in court. According to BBC reports, Halle stated that when she investigated Hunter’s car, she found a gun, which scared her. Halle also informed the court that she had caught Hunter using drugs many times.

The court stated that Hunter had also fallen into drug addiction due to his brother’s death. In August 2018, Hunter had stopped using drugs. He revealed in his memoir “Beautiful Things” that he was addicted to cocaine and had to undergo treatment for a year to break free from the addiction.

Affair Initiated After Brother’s Death

In 2022, Hunter Biden got married to Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie Biden. Beau was a prominent figure, being a lawyer and a significant leader in the Democratic Party. He passed away from brain cancer in May 2015. Following his death, the affair between Hallie and Hunter started in 2016 and continued until 2019. During this time, Hunter Biden was going through a divorce process with his wife, Kathleen.

In a meeting in 2017, Joe Biden allegedly told Page Six that he is lucky that Hallie and Hunter have each other and that they support each other during tough times. The exact reason for their breakup has not been disclosed yet.

Apart from accusations of possessing firearms without permission, Hunter Biden is also accused of filing fraudulent tax returns in California and dealing with cases related to firearms without a license. Hunter has denied being guilty of these charges.

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