Tragic IAF Aircraft Crash in Telangana: Two Lives Lost, Third Incident in 8 Months

An Indian Air Force trainer aircraft crashed on Monday morning in Telangana, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of two individuals. The crash occurred in the outskirts of Medak district.

According to IAF reports, the aircraft had two pilots on board, including a trainer who was instructing a new cadet on flying maneuvers. The aircraft took off from the Air Force Academy in Dundigal and crashed around 8:55 AM on Monday. Local sources mentioned that the plane crashed shortly after experiencing some issues. This incident marks the third aircraft crash for the Air Force in the last eight months, with a previous crash involving a trainer aircraft in June. In May, three pilots lost their lives in a MiG-21 plane crash.

IAF’s Kiran Trainer Aircraft Crashes in Karnataka; Both Pilots Eject Safely

In a recent incident, an Indian Air Force Kiran trainer aircraft crashed in Bhogapuram village of Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. The two pilots on board safely ejected using parachutes, saving their lives.

In May, another incident involved a regular training flight in the vicinity of the Air Force station in Suratgarh, Rajasthan. A MiG-21 fighter plane crashed during the routine training, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of three individuals. The aircraft took off from the Suratgarh Air Force Station and crashed approximately 25 kilometers northeast of the base due to technical issues.

IAF’s MiG-21 Fighter Plane Crashes During Regular Training in Rajasthan

In May, a MiG-21 fighter plane of the Indian Air Force crashed during regular training in the vicinity of Hanumangarh near the Suratgarh Air Force station. Three individuals lost their lives in the crash. The aircraft, which took off from Suratgarh Air Force Station, crashed around 25 kilometers northeast of the base due to sudden technical malfunctions.


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