Arrest in IIT-BHU Student Rape: Criminals Link with BJP Social Media

In the IIT-BHU campus in Varanasi, three students are accused of collectively raping a fellow B.Tech student. Two of the accused are allegedly affiliated with the BJP IT Cell. The incident came to light on December 30 when the police arrested the three during a routine check, finding them on a motorcycle. The accused are alleged to have committed sexual assault on the victim on November 1, creating a video without her consent.

Following the incident, widespread protests erupted on campus, with prominent figures involved in the allegations identified as Kunal Pandey, also known as Anand Chauhan, and Saksham Patel. Kunal Pandey is the BJP IT Cell coordinator for Varanasi’s metropolitan area, while Saksham Patel serves as the co-convener of the IT Cell for Varanasi’s metropolitan area.

Now, the victim speaks out, describing the harrowing incident: she was outside her hostel for urgent matters around 1:30 AM on Wednesday. She met a friend near Gandhi Smriti Char Rasta, and as they walked, three assailants on a bike approached them. After stopping the bike, they threatened her, forcibly removed her clothes, and recorded a video. When she tried to seek help by screaming, they threatened her with dire consequences. After about 10-15 minutes, they released her.

Terrified, she ran towards her hostel, hearing the sound of the bike behind her. In fear, she entered a professor’s house. After 20 minutes, she called for help from the professor, who accompanied her to the gate. From there, Rahul Rathod, a member of the Parliament Security Committee, escorted her to the IIT-BHU petrol pump, ensuring her safe return to the hostel. The three accused had different physical features: one stout, one slim, and the third of medium height.

Following the incident, protests erupted on campus, with a significant demonstration in front of the Rajputana Hostel by around 2,500 students on November 2. The protest quickly spread across the entire campus, resulting in a shutdown of classes and research activities. Internet services were suspended, and the students initiated a strike that continued until 11 AM. Subsequently, police officials and the IIT-BHU director held a meeting with the students, assuring them that within seven days, all accused would be behind bars, facing severe consequences. This led to the conclusion of the protests, but tensions remained high, prompting authorities to decide to construct a wall between IIT-BHU and BHU campuses, which was later reconsidered and postponed.

PMO Demands a Comprehensive Report

In this entire case, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has sought a report from Police Commissioner Mutha Ashok Jain. Meanwhile, the PMO has initiated the process of taking reports every moment. Additionally, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has communicated with Commissioner Kausal Raj Sharma and the Police Commissioner over the phone to ensure stringent security measures for students.

What Happened in this Case? Let’s Understand Step by Step…

November 1: An incident occurred involving a female student from IIT-BHU, who was harassed around 1:30 AM. Three boys on a bullet motorcycle forcibly took off the girl’s clothes and recorded a video.

November 2: A First Information Report (FIR) was filed in this case. Subsequently, strong protests erupted on the campus. The protests continued for 11 hours after midnight.

November 3: Discussions on creating a wall between BHU and IIT-BHU started in the campus division. BHU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sudhir Jain, opposed the request to build a wall, stating that it should not create any controversy.

November 4: Another incident of harassment at IIT-BHU came to light. A student named Pranav revealed that on the night of October 31, an incident of harassment occurred in the same area. However, the student did not file a complaint.

November 5: BHU and IIT-BHU police officials held a meeting. BHU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sudhir Jain, opposed the demand to build a wall and insisted that no controversy should arise from it.

November 6: A sudden fight broke out in the protest against harassment at BHU’s Singh Gate, where the issue of building a wall suddenly became part of the struggle. A fierce clash occurred between ABVP and AISA-BCM student groups, resulting in several students getting injured.

November 7: IIT-BHU students’ parliament stated that the police are changing the victim’s statement. Pressures are still being applied. Investigations have not yielded any results. The police took the victim’s statement under pressure.

November 8: The victim appeared before the Magistrate. Charges have been increased to include gang rape under section 376(D). Students protested outside the director’s office at IIT-BHU, leading to the suspension of classes. Approximately 6,000 students participated in a justice rally.

December 31: All three accused have been arrested. They were nabbed while attempting to flee on a bike.

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