Deceptive Aerial Footage Exposes Illegal Toll Plaza: Drone Video Reveals Year-and-a-Half Operation Near Wankaner, Extorting Lakhs Monthly

Illegal Toll Booth Near Bamna Bor-Kachchh National Highway Sparks Controversy

In a contentious move, a toll booth bypass has been constructed near Vankner on the Bamna Bor-Kachchh National Highway, diverting traffic away from the established toll plaza. This unauthorized bypass has been in operation for the last twelve years, creating a stir as it reportedly causes financial losses amounting to crores of rupees annually. The toll booth bypass, allegedly endorsed by local authorities including the police, collectors, higher collectors, and NHAI officials, has been a cause for concern among citizens.

The landowners of the open land in question, including notable figures like Amarshi Patel from White House Ceramics, Vanrajsinh Jhala, Harvijaysinh Jhala, Dharmendrasinh Jhala, and Yuvarajsinh Jhala, have filed complaints against this illicit toll collection. The issue has caught the attention of the authorities, leading to an investigation into the alleged collusion between the toll booth operators and officials.

The controversy has unveiled an under-the-table network causing considerable financial implications for the toll booth operators. The complaint filed by the landowners demands a thorough investigation into the unauthorized toll booth and seeks justice against those involved in this long-standing illegal activity.

Unlawful Toll Booth Causes Financial Havoc in Southern Gujarat

A recent revelation in southern Gujarat sheds light on an illicit toll booth that has been operating just 50 kilometers away from Rajkot on the National Highway, causing financial disruptions. Near Vaghasiya village, on the route from Bamna Bor to Kachchh, a toll plaza has been established without legal approval, imposing fees of Rs. 50 for cars, Rs. 100 for motorcycles and autos, and Rs. 200 for trucks. This unauthorized toll collection has been ongoing for the last twelve years, resulting in significant financial losses.

The toll plaza has been a subject of concern among citizens, and complaints have been filed against the operators by landowners, including prominent figures such as Amarshi Patel of White House Ceramics, Vanrajsinh Jhala, Harvijaysinh Jhala, Dharmendrasinh Jhala, Yuvarajsinh Jhala, and others. The issue has prompted an investigation into possible collusion between toll booth operators and various government officials.

The toll plaza’s illegal operation has caused considerable financial implications for the operators, and a thorough inquiry is underway to address the concerns raised by landowners. The case highlights the need for stricter regulation and oversight to prevent such unauthorized toll collection practices.

Unlawful Toll Booth Frauds Commuters and Raises Concerns

In a recently surfaced video, it is evident that deceptive individuals have set up a makeshift toll booth approximately half a kilometer before the Vaghasiya Toll Plaza in Vadhasiya, Gujarat. The scheme involves diverting traffic onto an alternate road to bypass the toll booth, specifically the White House Ceramic factory road, allowing vehicles to rejoin the main road just half a kilometer after the toll booth. Commuters are thus evading toll charges, resulting in significant financial losses.

This illicit operation has been ongoing for the last twelve years, causing a considerable uproar among citizens and prompting several complaints from landowners. Notable figures such as Amarshi Patel, owner of White House Ceramics, Vanrajsinh Jhala, Harvijaysinh Jhala, Dharmendrasinh Jhala, Yuvarajsinh Jhala, and others have filed grievances against the perpetrators.

Many motorists have been using this unauthorized route to avoid paying toll fees, impacting the revenue collected by the government. This fraudulent practice not only cheats the government of its dues but also unfairly disadvantages other landowners who receive less compensation for the land use.

The case involves a complaint against Amarish Patel, the owner of White House Ceramics, along with other unidentified individuals. It raises concerns about the potential collusion between these fraudulent toll booth operators and certain government officials.

Project Director Addresses Serious Concerns

In a significant development, Jitendra Chaudhari, the Project Director of the Gandhidham Division, discussed a matter of grave concern related to the Vaghasiya Toll Plaza. According to Chaudhari, the plaza was shifted from the Rajkot Division to the Gandhidham Division just a month ago. He revealed that some individuals had taken unauthorized measures, constructing roads to bypass the toll plaza, resulting in substantial revenue losses for the government.

Chaudhari emphasized the severity of the situation, highlighting that no complaints regarding these activities have reached his office. The matter is considered grave, as it not only poses a financial threat to the government but also indicates potential irregularities that need to be addressed promptly.

To address this issue, an urgent meeting has been scheduled for Monday morning, where all relevant officials and toll plaza staff will be summoned to provide an explanation. This step is crucial in understanding the extent of the problem and taking corrective measures to prevent further losses.

Officials Issue Notice to Factory Owner for Unauthorized Road Construction

In response to the unauthorized construction of roads leading to the Vaghasiya Toll Plaza, officials have issued a notice to the owner of the bind factory named White House. The toll plaza, which is crucial for collecting toll taxes, has been experiencing revenue losses due to individuals constructing roads to bypass the toll collection point.

Ramesh Annamareddy, the manager of Vaghasiya Toll Plaza, informed authorities about the roads being constructed from the bind factory premises, resulting in vehicles avoiding the toll collection. In addition to serving a notice to the factory’s management, authorities have taken strong action against the illegal construction to prevent further revenue leakage.

The bind factory management, including the individual identified as Ravi, has been notified about the violation of regulations. Further, strict measures have been taken to halt the unauthorized road construction. Notably, Ravi, known as an army man, has been involved in evading toll payments, causing financial losses to the government.

Collector Orders Investigation of Vankaner Region Authorities

The Collector has initiated an investigation into the authorities of the Vankaner region. The District Magistrate, along with the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) and local police, will conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter. The decision to probe the Vankaner Toll Plaza was prompted by information obtained during the team’s visit to the Bamnabor Toll Plaza.

Following orders from the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police (SP), a team comprising SDM, DYSP, and local police will scrutinize the toll plaza to assess any irregularities. After on-site inspections, the investigation team will submit a report to the Collector and SP, who will then take appropriate actions based on the findings.


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