Indian Ocean Drone Attack on Ship: 20 Indian Crew Members Aboard; Coast Guard Initiates Surveillance, Navy on High Alert

A drone attack has targeted a ship in the Indian Ocean, and this incident occurred in the waters near India. The Indian Navy has reported that the ship had 20 Indian crew members on board. The Indian Coast Guard’s patrol vessel ICGS Vikram was released to this location, where the attack took place on an Indian ship. The ship was en route from Saudi Arabia to Mangalore, carrying crude oil.

No Casualties Reported in Drone Attack on Indian Ship

According to the news agency AFP, there have been no reported casualties in the drone attack. However, media reports suggest that the ship had a fire, which might lead to an explosion. The British military’s Maritime Trade Operations had informed that the ship was approximately 200 nautical miles away from the Indian port of Veraval, which is around 378 kilometers from Somnath. Currently, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, and the ship flying the flag of Liberia had contacted Israel most recently, having come in contact with Saudi Arabia.

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