Tragedy Strikes Indian-Origin Family in US: 3 Bodies Found in $5.5 Million Bungalow, Family Grapples with ₹83 Crore Debt

Three members of an Indian-origin family residing in Massachusetts, USA, were found dead in their home. The deceased include Rakesh Kamal, his wife Tina, and their 18-year-old daughter Aryana. The family’s bungalow is estimated to be worth about 41 crore rupees.

According to the Daily Mail, the police are investigating the case as a possible case of domestic violence, although there were no signs of any violence in the house. The circumstances and reasons for the deaths of the three are yet to be determined.

On Thursday evening around 7:30 PM (US time), relatives of the Kamal family went to their home. During this time, they discovered one dead body. The authorities were notified, and subsequently, the other two deceased bodies were found in the house.

The police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Rakesh, Tina, and Aryana. The family had recently applied for a restraining order. The report suggests that Rakesh had given away assets worth up to 83 crores to his relatives. The family’s bungalow was also supposed to be included in the transfer. According to reports, Rakesh Kamal was one of the wealthiest people in the South Poshest district of Massachusetts. During the investigation, a firearm was also found near Rakesh Kamal’s body.

The Kamal family’s request for a restraining order was denied. The Kamal family had been facing financial difficulties since 2022. In September 2022, they had applied for a restraining order, but their application was dismissed later in October due to the lack of proper documentation and evidence.

The Kamal family house has around 27 rooms and is located on a private road in the city of Dover. Tina had founded her own company in 2016, which aimed to assist students in improving their grades. However, the company closed in 2021. The family had been involved in efforts to enhance the education of students.

Rakesh, Tina’s husband, was the COO of Tina’s company. Their daughter Aryana studied at the Milton Academy, one of the most expensive schools in Massachusetts. She pursued neuroscience at Middlebury College in Vermont.

The Massachusetts police mentioned that the Dover area, where the family resided, is generally considered a safe place. Investigations are ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the deaths. The Kamal family’s financial struggles and their attempt to secure a restraining order are being examined in connection with the case.

The police also found that the Kamal family had transferred significant assets, approximately 83 crores, to relatives. The family home, valued at 41 crores, was included in this transfer. Further investigations will be carried out to determine the timing and reasons behind the deaths of Rakesh, Tina, and Aryana.

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