Israel Airstrike on Gaza School Kills 16, Injures Over 75; Military Claims Terrorist Hideout

The Israeli army conducted an airstrike on a school in Gaza on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of 16 people and injuring more than 75. According to Al Jazeera, the school was run by the United Nations (UN) and was sheltering refugees.

Local residents reported that the Israeli army first surrounded the school and then carried out the attack. The school building collapsed due to the assault, trapping children inside. Local residents are engaged in rescue operations. So far, two children have been rescued, one with a serious hand injury and the other with injuries to the face and head.

According to the UN rescue team, the army had also targeted another school last month.

Israeli Army Previously Declared School a Safe Zone

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that most of the casualties were children and women. Fifty of the injured are receiving treatment, while others were treated on-site. The Israeli army claimed the school was being used as a terrorist stronghold.

Hundreds of refugees fled the area around the school to escape the attack. Previously, Israel had declared the school a safe zone. An attack on the school last month resulted in over 40 deaths and dozens of injuries.

War Claims Lives of 38,000 Palestinians

The war between Israel and Hamas has been ongoing for the past nine months, claiming the lives of 38,000 Palestinians, including 14,500 children. About 80% of Gaza’s population has become homeless. The conflict has now reached the city of Rafah near the Egyptian border.

In the early stages of the war, people fled northern Gaza to seek refuge in Rafah to escape Israeli action. According to Al Jazeera, over a million people live in this area. The Israeli army is now planning to attack this region as well.

Israel argues that it has eliminated 24 Hamas battalions so far but claims that four battalions are still hiding in Rafah. An operation in Rafah is necessary to remove them.

Israeli Soldiers Enter Gaza’s Rafah Area with Tanks: Seize Border with Egypt, Plan to Evacuate 100,000 Palestinians

Following Hamas’ acceptance of a ceasefire agreement, the Israeli army entered the Rafah area in southern Gaza with tanks on Tuesday. They have seized control of the Gaza-Egypt border. According to the New York Times, Israel claims to have killed 20 Hamas terrorists during this operation and discovered three Hamas tunnels in the area.

Hezbollah Fires 200 Rockets at Israel: Attack After Death of Top Commander, Had Threatened War Recently

The Iran-backed organization Hezbollah has launched its largest attack on Israel to date. According to an AP report, the terrorist organization fired over 200 rockets at the Jewish state on Thursday. Additionally, around 20 drones were used in the attack, targeting several Israeli military bases.

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